News links for March 5 2014 – 4

1. Kim Jong-Un ‘orders 33 people to be executed’ because they made contact with Christian missionary, say South Korean press

2. British Islamist admits Islam opposed to freedom, democracy, human rights

 On Sunday, British Islamist Anjem Choudary issued a tweet admitting that Islam and Sharia law are directly opposed to freedom, democracy, human rights and liberty.

“Democracy, Freedom, Secularism, Liberty, Human Rights, Amnesty, UN, ARE OPPOSITE TO Islam, Shari’ah, Khilafah, Jihad, Quran, Sunnah, Divine rights,” he tweeted.

3. RCMP set to tackle extremism at home with program to curb radicalization of Canadian youth

(Once again, a major newspaper manages to avoid the factual cause of the problem, Islam and its central dogma along with Islamic organizations that promote violence and supremacism, and pretend that the issue is ‘extremism’ while failing to come up with any examples of problem extremism other than Islamic ones)


(Is it just me, or is it funny to other people that a group demanding a traditional Islamic state in England would monetize their propaganda video on Youtube?)

5. Nigeria Boko Haram: ‘Militants’ kill villagers in raid

Suspected Islamist militants have torched a village in north-eastern Nigeria’s Borno state, killing at least 11 people, a lawmaker told the BBC.

They raided Jakana overnight, destroying about a third of homes, Senator Khalifa Zannah said.

A local person told the BBC that as many as 40 people had been killed but this could not be confirmed.

6. Theaters screening ‘Noah’ should be ‘destroyed’: Azhar scholar

CAIRO: Darren Aronofsky’s biblical 2014 movie titled “Noah,” scheduled for release in Egyptian theatres on March 26, is already raising controversy among religious scholars for its depiction of Prophet Noah. Many Islamic conservatives frown upon depicting prophets in art, with one religious scholar demanding that theaters screening the movie be “destroyed.”

Mahmoud Mehanna, member of Al-Azhar’s Senior Scholars called on authorities to “destroy” any movie theatre that screens “Noah” and “not simply close it down,” in press statements on March 4.

Thank you M, Fjordman and all. I am sorry I may have lost track of some, its a busy week. More to come.

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  1. 3/ But Muslim immigration and Islamic dogma provide so much employment for Canadians! Just look at all those ‘Kanishka Projects.’ $138,653 over two fiscal years on ‘The Impact of Narratives of Conflict, Security and Co-Existence on Muslim Communities in Canada.’ $225,537 over three years for ‘The Somali Experience in Alberta.’ $286,000 over three years for ‘Securitizing Minority Canadians.’ And those are just some of the proposals for 2014. $10 million over 5 years. Jobs for all!

  2. #1 The anti Christians are really picking good comrades.

    #6 I heard the movie was real bad but it isn’t bad enough to justify burning the theatrs.

  3. 4/ Mafia dons used to have snitches murdered with a “necktie”.
    They’d slit the victim’s throat, pull the tongue down & through the neck so it would hang just like a necktie. Message delivered.

    Choudary, Beard, Tongue.
    I can only read about him now. Watching him, I’m distracted by disturbing thoughts.

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