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9 Replies to “Ezra Levant receives award from the Free Press Society in Denmark”

  1. [Note: Major problem NOT “Peace Process” – it’s Iran, Stupid!]

    Meeting of PM Netanyahu with US President Barack Obama

    Prime Minster Netanyahu: Thank you, Mr. President..
    Thank you, Mr. President
    Mr. President, I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you today, especially since I know you’ve got a few other pressing matters on your plate.  During the five years of your presidency, you and I, and Israel and the United States have worked very closely on critically important issues — security, intelligence-sharing, missile defense — and we’re deeply grateful for that.

    I look forward to working closely with you in the years ahead to address the main challenges that confront both our countries, and of these, the greatest challenge, undoubtedly, is to prevent Iran from acquiring the capacity to make nuclear weapons. I think that goal can be achieved if Iran is prevented from enriching uranium and dismantles fully its military nuclear installations.


  2. A great bloke. Fortunately here in Australia our new Government (Liberal/National Coalition) is championing free speech and is setting about repealing clauses in the Racial discrimination Act that prevents freedom of expression and free speech.

  3. It is official! Traditional Islam violates universal human rights! 😉

    State Department Condemns Ultimatum Given to Syrian Christians (nbcnews, March 3, 2014)
    “The State Department on Monday condemned the treatment of Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa following an extremist Islamist group’s edict that Christians either convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death. In a statement, State spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the decrees from the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL) — a group recently disowned by al-Qaeda and considered to be among the most radical fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad — “violate universal human rights.” “ISIL has demonstrated time and again its disregard for Syrian lives, and it continues to commit atrocities against the Syrian people,” Psaki said…”


    Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird

    RE: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=959_1393892045

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, that festering little oozing sore of Leftist vipers, that collection of rabid communist cancres spewing their grotesquely distorted view of the world, that rancid and vulgar collection of whorish mouthpieces for every socialist/leftist/liberal agenda to drop out of the collective communist colon, that thin skinned treasonous, seditious band of parasites who find offense, “ism”, injury and “hate” in everything from breakfast cereal to long distance calling-plans have…..quell surprise!!!!!…..trotted out their handy, dandy “hate-map”….a must-have for the glove-box of every liberal/leftist BMW and Prius…….it allows the politically correct, homo-friendly, multi-culti to plot an uber-sensitive trip that skirts around the dreaded “hate-centers”.

    How rich……and yet, in spite of my efforts, try as I might…..I have not been able to make their “hate list”. Oh well, back to the drawing board, there is always next year.

    For a real knee-slapper look for the classification of “general hate”….would that be the hate suffered by obvious minorities when they are denied their choice of seating in a restaurant?, or some self-loathing filthy white liberal doesn’t rise from his or her seat and offer them the best seat in a bus?, or when their employer “hatefully” requires them to show up to work on time?…..or when you are shot to death for trying to car-jack a mother and her children from a car that they worked hard and saved for years to afford and then purchase?, or when a homeowner “hatefully” blows your head off for trying to rape his wife and daughters when you broke into their house at 3 in the morning, or when thousands of decent American’s righteously oppose the obscenity of smearing the excrement of Islam on the graves of over 3000 murdered souls by building a Mosque on the very spot they died?……..that kind of hate?….is that a “general hate”

    Conspicuous in their absence are the well over 20 hate and genocide spewing Muslim groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the over 100 Muslim terrorist training camps that flourish across America including the ones recently featured in the news that fester in the state of Texas…..but then again, that’s not really hate is it?…….you know the kind of hate that is a Muslim’s stock and trade, you know, where they “non-hatefully” seek to stuff every Jew on the planet head first into an oven….nooooooooo, that’s not really, real hate is it?……no not really, really, really, real hate is it?…..that’s just Muslims practicing the religion of peace and doing dawa, that’s just Muslims spreading Islamic joy and brotherly love.

    Funny how that works…..down at the old Southern Poverty Law Center.

    So download the “Hate Map”, read it, laugh your ass off, and then put it to good use, like lining your budgie cage or wiping your ass with it, but be careful!!!!!…… I tried the former and my budgie, indignant and outraged that I would defile his living quarters with such fecal foolishness, wiped his ass with my toothbrush and then packed his shit and flew away………then I tried the latter and I got a scorching itchy rash on my arse and jewels.

    Caveat Emptor!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

  5. By the way…….congrats Ezra!!!!! you deserve it!!!

    I just bet that Syed B. Soharwardy, the Cartoon Cowboy of Calgary, the vile, thin skinned, poisonous, hateful, sneering, conniving, misogynist, gutless and cowardly serial litigator that gave Ezra Levant his opportunity to crucify both him and the Human Rights Commissions, has out of frustration and impotent rage, beaten the hell out of his wife and sodomized the dog.

    Go Ezra.

    How does that feel exactly Syed Soharwardy?……to be beaten to a pulp by a Jew?….BBBBEWBWBAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. @Don Laird.
    Don, are you related to Keith Laird?

    He has an interest in dogs too. Just google him. Sometimes it’s good to have a laugh.
    All the best. Keep on stirring it.


  7. Hello Bill,

    No relation to Keith.

    Dogs come in two flavours………the kind you can reason with, the rational, intelligent, fun loving kind…..you know….the four legged kind.

    And then there is the other kind, the irrational, the completely moronic, the murderous ones…..you know…..the two legged Muslim kind.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

  8. I clicked your link before reading your comment & nearly hit the ceiling. What nonsense!

    But the “Southern Poverty Law Center, that festering little oozing sore” explains it. That nasty boil needs lancing urgently.

    [Not his dog, Don. Only if the animal has developed unnatural habits, poor thing.]

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