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15 Replies to “Chinese attack was Muslims”

  1. Yunnan province is about as far away from the Muslim Xinjiang territory as you can get, which shows that Muslims will get anywhere and go anywhere and no place is safe from them.
    I hope the Chinese use this opportunity to do what we in the West are too soft to do. I hope they get heavy on every Muslim in China. I hope they punish every single Muslim in China. Muslims think that they are superior everywhere and the only way to deal with them is to stamp on them until the juice squeezes out.
    Forget what the Chinese did to Tibet, this is one campaign that I will the support the Chinese in every step of the way.

  2. The biggest problem with this far western region of China is that it borders several of the Stan countries Afghanistan and Pakistan to be the most threatening. All these countries are Islamic and all the barbaric tribes are part of Xinjing, anyone who has travelled through the region can easily observe the difficulty China will have supporting boarders from invasion of these barbarians, I totally agree witth the policies of the Chinese government in TryIng to encourage Han relocation to this area , the problem is that they need to enforce 1000 times what they have been doing, it is the de-islamification that will save the region from these backward Islamic tribes and this is opposite of what is happening to all the dhimmi western nations who are slowly being islamisized through immigration and demographics,
    Go china go crack down. Send in the army and relocate with benefits hundreds of thousands of HAn to build schools roads shopping centres churches and send these primates back over the mountains,, remove the mosques in Kashgar and other major cities and erect huge schools and educational institutes, basically what China has been doing but on a larger scale and with greater oppression of these barbaric islamics.

  3. Pakistan to halt targeted air strikes against Taliban (BBC, March 2, 2014)
    “Pakistan says it will stop air strikes against the Taliban, after the militants announced a month-long ceasefire. However, it said it “reserved the right to respond to any violent activity” carried out by the Taliban. The Taliban announced the ceasefire – aimed at reviving stalled peace talks with government – on Saturday. The talks broke down last month, after Taliban-linked militants said they had killed 23 soldiers they were holding. This triggered air strikes by the Pakistani military against suspected militant hideouts in the north-west. Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said on Saturday that the Taliban had decided on a ceasefire “because of a positive response from the government, an appeal from the religious scholars and for the better future of Pakistan”. He requested the Pakistani government to fulfil the group’s demands, which include an end to US drone strikes and the introduction of sharia law. Pakistan’s government welcomed the ceasefire as a “positive development”, and said it was prepared to resume talks…”

  4. Pakistan Bombs Militants Hours After Taliban Ceasefire (nbcnews, March 2, 2014)
    “Pakistan’s military said it had bombed the hideout of a militant leader Sunday one day after the Taliban declared a one-month ceasefire to pursue stalled peace talks. The target of the attack, Mullah Tamanchey, was behind a deadly assault against a convoy carrying a polio vaccination team on Saturday in which 12 people were killed, military officials told Reuters. “The government is not going to tolerate any act of terror and any act will be replied to,” a Pakistani security official said. Thousands of residents have fled the tribal region of North Waziristan amid reports that Pakistan is about to launch a long-awaited ground offensive in a bid to crush the Taliban’s militant insurgents. Sunday’s military strike came hours after Pakistan’s government welcomed the announcement of a one-month Taliban ceasefire, after years of violence and bloodshed….”

  5. Truck bomb attack kills 13 in Afghanistan (CNN, March 2, 2014)
    “A truck-bomb explosion has killed at least 13 people in the capital of Afghanistan’s Logar province, a provincial spokesman said. The attack Saturday night killed four civilians and several militants, including members of the Pakistani Taliban and an affiliated group, said Din Mohammad Darwis, the spokesman. It happened in Pul e Alam, in central Afghanistan.”

  6. Dozens killed in spate of Nigeria attacks (CNN, March 2, 2014)
    The fight against militant Islamists led to dozens of deaths, mostly of civilians, in three northeastern Nigerian villages this weekend. A military plane trying to bomb camps of the Boko Haram extremist group in the Sambisa Forest on Friday night “mistook the village (Daglun) for a Boko Haram camp,” said Ali Ndume, a senator representing the region. The inaccurate air raid was part of “an ongoing offensive” against the insurgents, Ndume said ….. Less than 24 hours later, a flurry of violence in northeastern Nigeria, blamed on Boko Haram, left more than three dozen people dead and may have taken many more lives. Dozens of attackers in military uniforms stormed the village of Mainok on Saturday evening, riding four-wheelers and motorcycles, as residents were preparing for evening prayers. “They came in around 7 p.m. and opened fire indiscriminately with RPGs, explosives and AK-47 rifles,” said Mainok resident Yahaya Umar. “They killed 39 people who were buried this morning and destroyed the whole town.” Boko Haram has attacked Mainok several times over the past two years, including a raid in July that killed 25 people there. Military and police authorities were not available for comment on the attack. The attack on Mainok came soon after two explosions in Maiduguri, 50 kilometers away…..”

  7. OT, anyone else experience difficulty accessing TundraTabloids web page?

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    Asks for user name and password

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    All adds a box to check for “Remember my credentials”

  8. FYI China is one of the biggest supporters of Islamists in Asia. The Islamic terrorism linked to Pakistan and Iran you see in India, Afghanistan, Burma, Thailand, Philippines all have China in the background and its geopolitical strategy. Pakistan’s best ally is China. China helped Pakistan get nukes. A lot of Pakistan’s geopolitical strategy revolves around their alliance with China. Read Bodansky’s articles on China and Pakistan here http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/bodansky.html
    What Islamic terrorism China faces is nothing compared to what China supports in neighboring Asian countries.

  9. From today’s Guardian:

    “Without evidence, we can only speculate what cause those 10 masked men and women hoped to advance by the Kunming massacre”

    Outstanding from The Guardian. I nominate them for Dhimmi of the Year 2014.

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