Links and news for March 2 2014 – 1

1. Movie on ‘honour’ killings

SUN also has three Mark Steyn clips

Steyn 1   Steyn 2   and Steyn 3

2. The Netherlands tells immigrants to learn Dutch or leave. The media feels there is something wrong with that and people should be able to go where they want and never respect the local culture.

(You can be 100% sure that the exact same news station would write an equally contemptuous piece about Dutch people who move to Pakistan and refuse to learn a local language or respect local religion and customs. Classic Frankfurt school brainwashing.)

3. Mass immigration has left Britain ‘unrecognisable’, says Nigel Farage

4. Global Mosque Report: February 2014

5. Windsor’s Shame: Canadian university votes for BDS

The Students’ Alliance at the University of Windsor in Ontario has just written itself into the annals of infamy by becoming the first university in Canada to vote in favour of BDS via a referendum of undergraduates.

The result was as follows:
Yes: 798
No: 585
None of the above: 10
Abstain: 14

Days before the vote, vandals broke into the locked office of the the vice-president of academic affairs at the university’s Student Alliance (UWSA), Jake DeJong, ransacked it, and scrawled a Star of David and the word “Zionist” on a flag bearing the motto “Support our Troops”.

Thank you all for the links. More to come

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  1. FOX 2 NOW -USA – Police may be using military vehicles because of Pentagon cuts

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – We may soon see military in armored trucks roaming our city streets. The reason, the Pentagon is looking to drastically cut back America`s military might. One way of getting rid of expensive battlefield vehicles is by giving them to police departments.

    An estimated 13,000 mine-resistant vehicles are expected to be distributed around the country. They weigh about 20-tons and get five miles per gallon.

  2. Rubbish, two years is more than enough time to learn a language – if you are living in the country.
    Get out, talk to people, watch local television, read the papers.
    Adults from non-muslim cultures do it all the time – in far less than two years.

  3. Twin Nigeria blasts kill at least 50 in Maiduguri

    Two explosions targeting a busy market in the town of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria have left at least 50 people dead, the Red Cross says.

    Hospital sources say many of the victims were children.

    Maiduguri is the headquarters of a military force fighting against the Boko Haram Islamist group, which has stepped up its attacks in the area.

    No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday night.

    It happened at a crowded market near the airport. The blasts were so powerful that buildings were reduced to rubble.

    The bombs were hidden inside a truck full of wood and inside a saloon car. As people tried to rescue victims of the first blast, the second was detonated.

    At the time of the explosions many people were crowded in a video hall in the area watching football. There was also a wedding taking place nearby.

  4. 1/ Right, ‘Diversity Consultant’ and ‘Interfaith Advocate’ Raheel ‘Their Jihad is not my Jihad’ Raza, who writes in a Toronto Star article on her website that she believes ‘the Jihad preached and practiced by the Messenger of Islam Mohammad, is not the one being propagated by people who support the path of violence against civilians,’ and Mohammed ‘participated in war only when he had to, but preferred mediation and non-violent confrontations.’ And of course, ‘The Koran states clearly that killing one person is like killing all of humanity.’ Ezra needs to find a new friend.

  5. 2/ But even if they pass the culture test, ‘More integration will cause further segregation,’ says the Professor Emeritus. It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

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