News links for Wed. feb 26 2014 – 2

1. Threatening vandalism in Cali.

(Before these guys are caught, arrested, taken to court and then Eric Holder lets them go for reasons having to do with color and socialism, someone should tell them where Michael Moore lives. After all, Moore not only marched with the Occupy Wall Street people, but is himself in the top tenth of 1% of wealthy in the US. I think he would consider it an honour to be assaulted and dealt on by these vandals.)

2. Live blogging of sentencing of Lee Rigby killers

Thank you Richard, M, and all. More to come

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  1. San Francisco is the most liberal town in the US, that is where any civil unrest by the left will start, in fact we are probably looking at the start of a long hot summer of civil unrest by the left. Unrest the MSM will blame on the TEA party.

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