News links for Feb 25 2014 – 2

1. How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

(Get a coffee and read this one slowly.)

2. Riot erupts on Temple Mount

Early Tuesday morning, Palestinian youth erupted in protest against an upcoming debate regarding Israeli sovereignty of the Temple Mount. Clashes between Israeli police forces and Palestinians began when officers opened the Mughrabi Gate, a main entrance to the Temple Mount that is located next to the Western Wall and is only accessible for non-Muslims.

The group of young men hurled stones and firecrackers at police forces. Several of the rioters disguised their identities by wearing masks while engaging in violence. Police were able to disperse the riot using stun grenades.

(Please see this article by CB Sashenka on this issue here)

3. Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Held Over ‘Syria Terror’

(Letting terrorists out of Guantanamo. What could possibly go wrong?)

4. Syrian Jihadists Tell Women: Cover Your Faces or Else

Islamist rebels in eastern Syria have ordered women to put on the Islamic veil, warning that anyone not doing so would be held to account, Reuters reports.

According to the report, an organization calling itself the Islamic Law Council of Deir al-Zor said in a statement released Wednesday that women have until Saturday to don the face veil.

The group did not say what punishment would befall women who fail to comply with the order.

Armed Islamist groups have become the most powerful force in the almost three-year-old uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad.

5. Al-Aqsa is a ‘Red Line’, Warns Sheikh

Sheikh Ikrima SabriSheikh Ikrima SabriSheikh Ikrima Sabri, the Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, warned Israel on Friday against “harming” the mosque.

Sabri, head of the Supreme Muslim Council, declared in a conversation with a Gaza-based news agency that Al-Aqsa was a “red line” for Arabs, adding, “We will not give up even one grain of earth (at the Al-Aqsa Mosque), since the Jews have no connection to it whatsoever.”

Thank you Diana W., Voice of the Copts, Oz-Rita,

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  1. #1 I have saved the document and will re-read it several times, everyone should read it.

    #3 The left never learns and will insist on letting more known terrorists loose to kill us.

    #5 The Moslems are looking for any excuse to riot.

  2. #2.

    Israel should announce that “they want to prepare to the discussion whether it should be a Synagogue or a Islamic-church” who have the right to remain on the Temple Mount.

    I am pretty sure that it would set the whole ME on fire 🙂

  3. # 1. Why is that surprising?
    Interesting article on how the US viewed, in its quest to cut up Europe. Ukraine being the latest target then it makes it easy prey economically.

    In French but draws upon the lessons post maidan square.
    It is estimated that 30% of the crowd were from radical groups. It is making some valid points based on what happened in Croatia in the 90s and now. Similar situation took place there with that advent support of radical nationalists, both camps.
    A comparison isalso made with the wes, on how the EU is treating Ukraine as a kind of African colony.

    Imagine-t-on en effet en France « 15.000 désœuvrés d’extrême gauche ou droite se constituer en bandes armées, se barricader sur la place des Invalides, attaquer des policiers a coups de « cocktails Molotovs » et armes à feu et le tout avec le soutien de capitales étrangères ? ». Cela semble fort peu probable. Pourquoi le serait-ce alors pour l’Ukraine ?

    Ce faisant on peut imaginer que les micro-nationalismes tout comme les régio-nationalismes confirment et confirmeront dans un proche avenir leur rôle de meilleurs alliés de l’extension de l’Otan et d’intégration des nations européennes au sein de la matrice globale occidentale sous domination américaine. Une extension qui devrait permettre à l’Amérique de continuer à tranquillement « dépecer l’Europe » en la privant sans doute définitivement d’une alliance avec la Russie.

    To quote this in English :

    We can imagine micro nationalists as well as the regional nationalists confirm and will confirm in the near future their role i bBeing the best allies with regards to nation and EU extension in the heart of a global western matrix under us dominant.

    Personally I don’t how much of this US dominance is true, ok maybe the the Tulane phone conversation has shed some light on this. Very recently France has its own mini maidan in Rennes, it was supposed to have been a peaceful demo, which indeed was to a certain extent, but got hijacked by extreme left wing groups causing significant damage in the town. Aside issue evident in some photos is pro. Brittany nationalists graffiti apparent. So called micro nationalists at work.

  4. I didn’t mean to say Rennes but Nantes. But the antifa were at work in Rennes too. To quote

    Samedi dernier, devant leur télévision, les Français ne savaient plus très bien si les images diffusées venaient de Kiev ou Nantes. Cette ville d’ordinaire paisible était livrée aux vandales et à la « guérilla urbaine »

    Last Saturday, the French in front of their tvs, didn’t really know if the the televised images came from Kiev or Nantes. This pleasant ordinary town was handed over to vandals and to urban guerrilla ( fighting).

  5. #1. Seriously do you think that this is new? How do you think that Tito got put into power by the west at the expense of the royalists? This is good old fashioned intelligent rebranding into the cyber space. The same tracts were used to discredit the Serbs in the 90s too. Memoirs of an American Serbian dissident is a good read on the antics in Bosnia.

  6. Jihadi Boy’s Outing to Legoland cancelled

    press release:

    The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort prides itself on welcoming everyone to our wonderful attraction;
    however due to unfortunate circumstances the private event scheduled for Sunday 9th March will
    no longer take place. This was an incredibly difficult decision made after discussions with the
    organisers and local Thames Valley Police, following the receipt of a number of threatening phone
    calls, emails and social media posts to the Resort over the last couple of weeks. These alone have led
    us to conclude that we can no longer guarantee the happy fun family event which was envisaged, or
    the safety of our guests and employees on that day – which is always our number one priority.

    Sadly it is our belief that deliberate misinformation fuelled by a small group with a clear agenda was
    designed expressly to achieve this outcome. We are appalled at what has occurred, and at the fact
    that the real losers in this are the many families and children who were looking forward to an
    enjoyable day out at LEGOLAND. We would like to apologise to them and to the organisers, and to
    thank them for their understanding. We hope that they will all be able to come to visit us during the season.

  7. On the one hand, I partially agree with the Legoland press release. They privatly hire out to whoever and if muslims want to rent the theme park for a day for goofy family fun then why the hell not, providing it isn’t a cover for some nefarious activity. I didn’t post on this issue because I didn’t agree with the critics much. In some cases at all.

    On the other hand, it isn’t like muslims can’t go any time they want on any other day. Why does it have to be a muslim only day? That is getting pretty tiresome.

  8. Eeyore

    The problem here is not the outing, but the organizer behind the outing. Of course this has grown out of proportion and the original issues seep under the carpet.

  9. Haitham al-Haddad who organised the event is leader of the Muslim Research and Development Foundation,based in Tower Hamlets, and is one of the top 25 UK hate preachers and is in favour of turning this country into a Sharia state. This would have been a great opportunity ,as we are constantly reminded, for the overwhelming “moderate” Muslim majority to demonstrate there rejection for extremist views in there communities by cancelling their ticket.

    Another point is that I suspect its a Jihadi fund raising event some of which will probably end up in Syria

  10. 5/ Yep, Richard, they’re begging for it.
    What’s the rush? Just because they’re on a fast track to hell doesn’t mean others need accommodate them. Let them choose the time and place? Nonsense.

    There’s no percentage in being railroaded into hasty responses by spurious allies either. The Voice of the Copts is practically breathless retailing 2nd- or 3rd-hand accounts of indignities to purported Jewish sensibilities. A couple of gentile U.S. Republican congressmen bloviate around the Mount. Better they push their colleagues in Washington to send those bunker-busters they promised. That’s their job, let Israel do for the rest.

    As they say, the IDF doesn’t need a weatherman…

  11. yucki the problem is Obama, he hates the entire west and all Jews, he is the one that isn’t sending the weapons that were promised.

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