News links Feb. 24 2014 – 1

1. Ukraine: “…there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions.

2. U.S. warns Russia to keep its military out of Ukraine

(And here is what Ezra Levant had to say about the gravitas of that warning)

3. Sarah Palin points out media hypocrisy over objections to Obama’s media control programs as they ignored all of Obama’s violations of the American people’s rights.

(I try and avoid US internal political issues but some are difficult to ignore. Like nascent totalitarianism on Canada’s doorstep when it used to be a beacon of freedom)

4. Foreign aid to Somalia ‘helps Al Qaeda’: Pressure grows to divert cash back to the UK

(Link to Gomer Pyle response) 

Britain is donating more than £90million a year to Somalia despite strong warnings that its corrupt government is arming Al Qaeda-backed terrorists.

David Cameron has approved the huge handouts to the war-torn East African country in an attempt to stop it becoming the next Afghanistan.

But a leaked United Nations report has warned of ‘high level and systematic abuses’ by Somali government officials who have passed weapons and ammunition to Al Shabaab – the Al Qaeda-linked Islamic fanatics behind last year’s Kenyan shopping mall massacre in which 67 people died.

Brutal: Hundreds of newly trained al-Shabab fighters perform military exercises in Somalia

5.  An organic winemaker from France’s Burgundy region is due in court Monday for refusing to use pesticides on his vines despite a local government order.

(One farmer’s fight to bring France back to the Neolithic. Much like many Muslim’s fight to stop vaccinations and bring Muslim areas back to the middle ages)

Thank you DP111, EDL Buck, and all who sent in material.

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8 Replies to “News links Feb. 24 2014 – 1”

  1. “(One farmer’s fight to bring France back to the Neolithic. Much like many Muslim’s fight to stop vaccinations and bring Muslim areas back to the middle ages)”

    Nonsense. Biodynamic viticulture, which is entirely pesticide free has been practised very successfully in many parts of wine making France for decades.

  2. Until it meets a problem it can’t cope with. You can also not inoculate your kids or animals and have no problems as long as you live in an area with herd immunity. The issue is when you don’t.

    This farmer refusing to treat an infection because of his beliefs threatens all neighboring farms. How is this different than the muslim not giving polio vaccine to his children?

  3. Biodynamic Culture alas, is for the very rich or very poor; the rest of us rely on industrial farming and the pesticides and vaccines to protect the crop from what would become open ‘Sharia-virus Heaven’ and turned into a wasteland within a year.
    An organic genetically engineered vine would be the reasonable solution, but the human gene of stupidity introduced might actually mean the virus lept onto a human host. Without birth control, and a psychiatry profession that recognizes Socialism and Islamism as mental illnesses, (the two largest groups creating designer-children to replicate their egos), the population is in crisis of being overcome by overcrowding, mediocrity and the majority on longterm sick-leave who vote from their sofas.

  4. Ahmed jailed in Birmingham for killing his pitbull with a brick because it.. was ‘annoying him’.

    (England) Police called to a disturbance in the Smethwick region of Birmingham were shocked to find 33 year old Muneer Ahmed,bending down in an alleyway off Barrett Street, Smethwick, next to the badly-beaten body of a Pitbull with a brick. When asked why he did so he exclaimed:

    “I killed the dog. I know it’s dangerous and banned.”

  5. Nigeria Boko Haram crisis: Anger over second Izghe raid (BBC, Feb 24, 2014)
    “A Nigerian senator has expressed outrage over the security forces’ failure to prevent a second attack on a town by suspected Islamist militants. Gunmen believed to be from the Boko Haram group killed several residents and burnt down Izghe over the weekend. A week earlier, 106 people were killed by gunmen in a raid on Izghe. Borno state Senator Ali Ndume told the BBC it was clear that a state of emergency imposed by the government to end the insurgency was not working. More than 500 people had been killed in Borno in the last two months, he said…”

  6. Top Pakistan Taliban commander Asmatullah Shaheen ‘shot dead’ (BBC, Feb 24, 2014)
    “A senior Pakistani Taliban commander has been shot dead in a militant stronghold near the Afghan border, security sources and relatives say. Asmatullah Shaheen was ambushed as he drove through a village near Miranshah in North Waziristan, reports said. Three aides in the vehicle also died. It is unclear who killed them. There has been no word from the militants. Shaheen was briefly the TTP (Pakistani Taliban) interim leader after its chief Hakimullah Mehsud was killed last year…”

  7. Eeyore says:
    February 24, 2014 at 10:13 am
    Until it meets a problem it can’t cope with.

    Multiple decades and still no problem. Sorry. Don’t buy it.

  8. #2 Obama is not going to do anything, he has abdicated the position of the leader of the west and defender of freedom, his actions are one of the reasons I keep saying a major war is coming, the US and the west are disarming and surrendering without a fight.

    #3 Don’t celebrate any victory yet, Obama is still planning on destroying free speech and a free press.

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