News links for Feb 23 2014 – 1

1. Canada: HuffPost Exclusive: Sharia Banking Goes Bankrupt

The leading promoter of Sharia banking in Canada, UM Financial Inc. has gone into receivership without much fanfare. None of the nation’s newspapers have bothered to report the development, despite the fact it could possibly affect hundreds of homeowners. Had it not been for a tweet by an affected Muslim homeowner looking for a lawyer, the story of UM Financial going broke would have escaped even the scant attention the news received on social media.

2. RT article and videos on a leader of one of the groups in the Ukraine, vowing to fight “Jews and Russians” and possibly financed by the US of A.

3. Man accused of raping thirty women in Belgium is arrested.

(Women who take cabs in these modern times may want to develop skills and carry something that might double as a weapon. Parents with daughters, I suggest enrolling them in a basic Marshall Art for at least a few months. Even a decent attempt to fight back will likely discourage potential rapists enough)

4. Muslims Demand “Right of Return” to Spain

(Ever since this website began publishing, VTB has been explaining that once Israel seems to be in the bag for the muslims, they would use the exact same tactics and reasoning to reestablish dominance in Spain. In fact Bin Laden himself did a video for the public where he explained that as Spain was once controlled by tards, it was, according to tard logic, always muslim land and therefore they would fight to reestablish it as such. This shouldn’t be confused with the logic that reads that their delusional founder, the pirate Mohamed, claimed that the entire Earth is a mosque and therefore all land must be claimed for allah.

The video of Bin Laden speaking about Spain has mysteriously become very hard to find along with all the other videos of him speaking about his beliefs. But here is a MEMRI clip showing Egyptians demanding the ‘return’ of Islamic Spain’ back to tard-control and here is another on a proposed boycott of Spain by Muslims both of which make the point nicely)

But historians point out that the Jewish presence in Spain predates the arrival of Christianity in the country and that their expulsion was a matter of bigotry. By contrast, the Muslims in Spain were colonial occupiers who called the territory Al-Andalus and imposed Arabic as the official language. Historians say their expulsion was a matter of decolonization.

Thank you all who sent material in. Its been a busy few days and I lose track. But know you are appreciated.



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  1. Afghan soldiers die as Taliban attack checkpoint in Kunar (BBC, Feb 23, 2014)
    “Taliban fighters have killed at least 20 Afghan soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint in Kunar province close to Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan. At least one of the attackers was also killed and the Taliban told the BBC they had captured seven soldiers. Afghan President Hamid Karzai postponed a planned visit to Sri Lanka on Sunday because of the attack. The violence comes ahead of presidential elections that are due to be held next month. The BBC’s Karen Allen in Kabul says it is one of the deadliest Taliban attacks against the army in the past year…”

  2. “But historians point out that the Jewish presence in Spain predates the arrival of Christianity in the country and that their expulsion was a matter of bigotry.”

    Jews are being let off the hook when it comes to their hatred of non-Jews which is the basis for the Jew/Muslim partnership which led to the invasion and subsequent occupation of the Iberian peninsula by Muslims.

    Also, just because Jews lived in the area doesn’t mean they belong there.

  3. Syria field hospital hit by car bomb near Turkey (BBC, Feb 23, 2014)
    “Several people are reported to have been killed by a car bomb near a field hospital in northern Syria, close to the border with Turkey. Activists said the blast happened in the rebel-held town of Atmeh, which hosts a camp for thousands of people displaced by Syria’s civil war. It was not immediately clear who had carried out the attack. On Saturday, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution on access to humanitarian aid in Syria. It was the first time the council has united on the issue. Witness Abdallah Saleh said Sunday’s blast damaged the hospital and caused 50 casualties, although it was not clear how many people had died…”

  4. #1 HuffPo ‘exclusive’? Bah! RCMP charge missing Toronto financier with $4.3-million mortgage fraud Add to …

    The RCMP has filed fraud charges against a Toronto Islamic financier who went missing after he allegedly pocketed $4.3-million in mortgage payments from Muslim homeowners and used the money to buy himself gold bars, silver coins and electronics.Omar Kalair portrayed himself as a trailblazing entrepreneur who, as a middleman, could offer mortgage arrangements to devout Muslims who believed that they were forbidden under Islamic law from making interest payments. Mr. Kalair’s two federally registered firms, UM Financial Inc. and UM Capital Inc., collapsed two years ago, leaving more than 170 homeowners in the lurch.

    The RCMP’s Greater Toronto Area Financial Crime Unit announced on Wednesday that the 38-year-old Mr. Kalair is facing criminal charges of theft over $5,000, fraud over $5,000 and laundering proceeds of crime.

    That article links to a much earlier article from October 2011:
    Dozens of Muslim homeowners are complaining that they have been left in limbo by a disintegrating “ sharia-compliant” mortgage arrangement, putting a focus on the emergence of parallel banking systems in Canada.


  5. Luis:

    Well initially I did mean teach them to play very loud 1960s Hendrix style guitar, but yeah, marshal arts are a good idea as well.

  6. Many videos of Osama McBoogieman have disappeared the most crucial being the high-definition video done by AlJezzera soon after 9/11 in which he apparently denies involvement.

  7. vangrungy. Don’t worry. The “hateful Jews” aren’t going back. (Although apparently their only “crime” was choosing survival in dhimmitude instead of death. Yeah, I know it’s “hateful”, when the Jews survive.)
    Also, just because you live in some area doesn’t mean that the muslims will agree that you “belong there”.

  8. 1/ Tarek Fatah can write some truly egregious nonsense. What is ‘the spirit of Islam’ doing in the same category as reason and logic? Where on earth is the evidence that ‘Islam’s essence’ is ‘its quest of equality and social justice?’ Where are all those other examples of ‘Islam attempting to bring justice to the poor,’ even the Muslim poor (and what kind of ‘justice’ does Islam ever try to bring the kafir poor?) And if eradicating poverty really is the essence of Islam, why after 1400 years do ‘the vast majority of Muslims still struggle to eke out a living beyond one dollar a day’?

    Rubbish, Mr. Fatah. Time to apostatize and begin thinking clearly.

  9. Tarek Fatah is a Canadian equivalent of Zuhdi. Jasser in the USA. Both these guys pretend to believe in some kind of imaginary “civilized” Islam.

  10. Ukrainian rabbi calls on Kiev’s Jews to flee city

    Rabbi Moshe Azman called on Kiev’s Jews to leave the city and even the country if possible.

    World Bulletin / News Desk

    Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman, called on Kiev’s Jews to leave the city and even the country if possible, saying that the city’s Jews may be victimized in the chaos, Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

    “I told my congregation to leave the city center or the city all together and if possible the country too,” Rabbi Azman told Maariv.

    “I don’t want to tempt fate,” he added, “but there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions.”

  11. “But historians point out that the Jewish presence in Spain predates the arrival of Christianity in the country and that their expulsion was a matter of bigotry.”

    This argument ist stupid, a joke . Christianity is not an ethnicity. I am also fed up with “bigotry” as the only possible description of political events in history that are complex even if you read jewish history websites.

    If Jews learn to think they had their golden age in Spain under the rule of Muslims so they may do. But Muslim occupation was not the golden age for Christians.The Jewish part in history is not always that of passive victims. Beeing complicit with evil oppressors can end in tears. Innocent people get punished for the sins of others. There are long lines of innocent victims in the past . If we all where up to revenge, there would be a lot of crying.

    It’s always interesting to read history through the eyes of the other (LOL) and know the other’s view, but that is just the one view, not the whole picture.

    “Historians” point out. LOL Historians also point out, that there was only darkness before islam .came into the world with the beauty of his sword.

  12. I am not aware of any Jewish organizations or people that think that Jews had a “golden age” under Islamic rule in Spain. If you read Moses Memonadies (Sp) you will in fact get quite the opposite. The people who bothered to write anything in those days were disgusted with the uselessness of islamic rulers and their thought process.

    If you know of a Jewish organization that does believe this please post the link to their orgs. I would quite like to engage in debate with them about that.

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