News links for Feb 20 2014 – 1

1. Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech  

French Muslims are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over a front page insulting the Koran. In a separate case, a right-wing MP is being sued for accusing young Muslims of anti-Semitism.

2. Andrew Bostom: Contemporary Jihadism and Remembrance of Bulgaria’s Islamic Past—Lessons from Bistra Tsvetkova

3. French satirical magazine enrages Islamists again; faces prosecution for ‘Koran is shit’ cover


4. Canadian Campuses in Saudi Arabia

(CBC audio file of call in show on this peculiar Canadian business venture)

5. Israeli lawmaker storms Al-Aqsa compound 

(I hope tomorrow to have a translation of the actual videos. From what I have found out so far, its very different from what this article says)

Thank you Lina N, EDL Buck, DH, M and more

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  1. Re Dr Bostom’s rememberance of Bulgaria’s Islamic past, from which I quote:

    “The national Bulgarian epos is rich with moving songs praising the resistance of courageous Bulgarian men and women to being converted to Islam and isolated from their people. One such example is the song about brave Balkanji Yovo. Despite the terrible abuses he was subjected to by the Turkish officials, so that he would agree to the Turkification of his sister, he fearlessly tells his tormentor “Hey voivoda, I will give my head, but I will not surrender Yana to Islam”

    This may be a contemporary rendition found on youtube:
    ?????? ????? – ????????? ????
    Tsvetan Conev – Balkandji Jovo Music, arrangement and performance: Tsvetan Conev. Recitative: Atanas Dushkov

  2. @ Richard: From what I am seeing here, the present government, their accomplices and most of the Media are rather committed to pack-raping “free speech” 🙁

    Charlie Hebdo, which I always saw as a rabid leftist satirical paper has attacked many many Western/Christian/Conservative icons – but recently they started to show courage and attack the greatest global cancer of the moment. The ratio of their sending up islam to sending up other holy cows is still – at guess – 1 to 20, but it’s there – and I have quietly started to admire them for it. For the moment they are still “fashionable” enough for the brainless Leftists, but I wonder how long it will be before they become “villains” for the “herd”.

  3. Whup-
    Thanks, good clip. Says a lot without words. A culture identifies its women with the land, an intimate beauty to protect and defend.

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