Canada’s long wake up begins. Multiple gang-forced-child-prostitution busts show islamic diversity

And you thought it could only happen in Islamic countries like Britain.

Grace sent in two links this morning which finally indicate what many of us have suspected has been going on in Canada for some time now. The recent trial-with-no-names of ‘youths’ convicted of ‘grooming’ (tricking) young girls into meeting strangers then drugging or otherwise forcing them into selling sexual services to older men and the cash going straight to the unnamed racketeers.

There may be just a hint though, in this video news report taken in the area of the homes where the perps live:

This was June 2012. Flash forward to today:

Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man has been charged with human trafficking after a number of investigations conducted by York Regional Police.

According to an announcement Wednesday designed to highlight the issue of the alleged exploitation of young women and girls, Yasin Mohamed, 25, of Ottawa was arrested along with two other men in Newmarket, Ont., said Det. Sgt. Peter Casey. All three were charged with human trafficking or other related offences, said Casey, who oversees a unit that arrested nine people this year after months of investigations.

And then we have this from

The Toronto Sun:

Mohamed Wehelie, 28, is the only suspected john among the 10 arrested. But Casey said the Toronto man faces charges for a violent sex attack in a hotel room not for soliciting a prostitute.

The other two are suspected pimps accused of human trafficking.

Anthony “Flex” Putzu, 21, of Brampton, allegedly forced a 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old woman into the sex trade.

And Lucas “Dimitri” Gabrys, 24, of London, allegedly forced a 21-year-old woman into prostitution.

Many questions about the Toronto Sun case. The perps do not have muslim names other than the one customer. But the media has a habit of using peoples original names to protect a group they may have joined. Perhaps we shall know more if some journalist looks into it properly.

One thing is for absolute certain. We shall start to see a lot more of these cases in Canada, that is, if our media is as free as even the hobbled British media is.

There was a couple of articles a couple of months ago hinting about an upcoming report on British child forced prostitution gangs which, in a rational world, would rock the establishment to its very core. The stuff that Mary Shelley’s famous “pitchforks and torches” mobs are inspired by but never actually materialize. This report, it is rumored, may actually be published before the end of the month.

Keep an eye out for that one. Change the name ‘UK’ to Canada, and it will likely be every bit as applicable except for the actual numbers.

UPDATE: CFRA has this story. There are 10 men charged with 120 crimes total.

CTV has this:

A total of 10 men were arrested in recent months and are facing more than 120 charges including human trafficking, forcible confinement, sexual assault and living on the avails of a juvenile prostitute.

Where are the other nine names? One has to wonder if this means that the Canadian press is even less free than the British press, that at least once charges have been laid release the names of the perps. If they can name one as they do in this instance, then they can name them all.

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10 Replies to “Canada’s long wake up begins. Multiple gang-forced-child-prostitution busts show islamic diversity”

  1. “..that is, if our media is as free as even the hobbled British media is.”
    not hobbled by any law but by moral cowardice and political correctness.
    seld cencoring in the extreme.
    that is why news paper circulation continues to fall.

  2. Boko Haram attack in northeast Nigeria kills 60: police (thefrontierpost, Feb 20, 2014)
    “An attack by scores of Boko Haram militants in the northeast Nigeria town of Bama has killed 60 people and caused massive destruction to public buildings, police told AFP Thursday. Residents said gunmen stormed the town at roughly 4:00 am on Wednesday, armed with heavy weapons and tossed explosives into various buildings, forcing residents to flee into the surrounding bush.
    “We are collating the figures and the death toll has risen to 60 from the Bama attack,” said Lawal Tanko, the police commissioner in Borno state, which is the epicentre of Boko Haram’s four-and-half-year Islamist uprising. “The toll is likely to rise,” he said. “The attackers caused enormous destruction. They burnt down some of the major landmarks in the town including the local government secretariat,” and the palace of the area’s top cleric, Tanko added. He said the airforce dispatched fighter jets to suppress the raid from its base in the state capital Maiduguri some 60 kilometres away and dropped bombs on the fleeing insurgents….”

  3. I’ve often wondered if the slavery debate white v black wasn’t a cover for other developments.

    Why vilify white people for something that white people actually stopped? White inventiveness gave us the car and plane. It gave us the robot. This meant slavery was made obselete. However look at the color of modern slavers? Just notice it.

  4. It’s critically important to get these assholes on tax evasion, drug possession, then to use these as plea bargains for confessions and snitching.

  5. That’s right, Director, pull them in for whatever. Get them to name names, those wretched cowards who bully young girls. Of course they’ll have to be more specific, ’cause they’re all named Moh…

    • Just so you all know,a little update I was one the the above charged. Complete bullshi*t media story. No body was forced (in my part) and the police or media for what ever reason thought they should make a juicy news story to show you your tax dollars are going to work and justic is being served lol. waited in jail for four months and chargers where dropped. 🙂

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