News links for Feb. 18 2014 – 2

1. Anjem Tardary offers his opinion on immigration on UKTV. Article here:

2. News reports that Moscow has almost certainly violated the INF Treaty governing intermediate-range nuclear missiles should come as no surprise to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the subject.

3. Teenager who blamed attacks on random strangers on being a ‘young black male’ spared jail

4. The state of Frankfurt School critical race theory in Canada and the USA

5. Venezuelan opposition leader arrested during anti-government rally

H/T M, Fjordman, GoV,  UK Pete and more. There will be more tonight. I’m moving slowly, but I am moving!


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3 Replies to “News links for Feb. 18 2014 – 2”

  1. That journo interviewing Chowchow is appallingly stupid. It is obvious from his babble that he never cracked open a Koran, never had a closer look at Islam, and he will probably die ignorant. He is everything that’s wrong with western society.

  2. don c That is what the left wants they want internal passports to travel from one county to another and visas to travel to another state.

    #2 During the lifetime of the Soviet Union the only treaty that the Soviets didn’t break was the peace treaty with Nazi Germany.

    #4 Welcome to the future the left has created for us.

    #5 The US, Canada and Britain are rapidly approaching the same fate. When in the Course.

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