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8 Replies to “Snowden New Interview: U.S. Spy On Foreign Companies”

  1. News flash folks. That’s a large part of espionage is. To find out about a countries capabilities you have to pay attention to what it’s industry is doing. It’s not done just to steal top secret plans and processes. And it’s no secret that they all do it against us.

    It’s done to

    1 find out what a countries industrial capacity is and what their material needs are going to be. In order to predict what the leaderships motivations and decisions will be. Also to find out what the truth is behind claims for the purposes of international trade negotiation.

    2 for national security purposes. If a company is making parts that can be used in making military hardware or nukes, we need to know what countries that company is doing business with. Particularly if the widget can be used for biological or nuclear weapons production.

    It’s what the CIA, FSB and everyone else’s intelligence sectors are SUPPOSED to do.

    Since the governments of the world already know of and engage in this kind of espionage, it suggests strongly that Snowden (who supposedly has been interested in espionage his whole life yet claims to think this is a revelation), is motivated by the desire to tarnish the image of the United States in the eyes of the general citizenry of other countries.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the Russian style of intelligence sabotage – to attack the over all capabilities of other countries intelligence sectors.

    Snowden is a Russian spy.

  2. Truth:

    Generally speaking I agree with you. But the strategy of becoming a tyrannical state by violating everyone’s 4th amendment rights in order to ensure their ‘freedom’ is not acceptable. I agree that Snowden’s leaks about foreign spying and undermining the efforts of US security where they are supposed to apply is treason and at the highest level or near to it.

    But his revelations about domestic spying shows a state of rot in the US that needs addressing.

  3. The foreign spying is not only allowable but expected, the internal spying is the result of the far let taking control of the Democrats and working within the system to acieve control of our intelligence and police organizations. At one point we had a good balance on what was allowable and then the left decided to use our laws and our protectors against us. Now we are stuck fighting back with the left controlling most of what we need to survive in the modern world, and abusing our rights.

  4. We may think it was a good balance based on information we had then, and to the extent it conforms with data currently available. Maybe we don’t even know the questions we should have been asking.

    As I read “American Betrayal”, learn dogma (communism, Frankfort School, The Narrative), I’m losing confidence about too many shared “verities”.

  5. yucki you are on the path to true enlightenment, you are questioning the known truths and are wondering if you know the correct questions to find out the facts. This is the questions that the truly intelligent have been asking for millennium.

    One of the questions we all should have been asking is that if the media and other leftists have lied to us about communism what are the other things they are lying to us about?

  6. What role does the establishment “right” play in this sordid scheme? What have they been given in exchange for their silence? Sure, exemplary punishments would give most pause, but there has to be more to it.

    Or am I becoming infected by the conspiracy virus? [Which doesn’t mean there are no valid conspiracies lurking in the dusty archives.]

  7. Yes and no on the paranoia, the US right probably doesn’t have much to do with the spying but what the international community calls right probably has close ties to the intell groups. The spying on foreign businesses is common since it tells us what their economy is doing and what their governments are buying, as well as giving us a heads up on all of the research they are doing. All nations do this whether or not they admit the fact.

    What we have to be worried about is the internal spying, only police states spy on their own citizens, a fact that way too many people ignore or try and turn around that the small gov types are the ones that started the spying on the citizens.

    As to how we can stop the spying, only the politicians can, and then only if they really, really want to. the Bureaucrats will fight tooth and nail to stop the politicians from telling them what to do. They are called public servants but really want to be public masters.

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