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1. Egyptian embassy staff ‘seized’in Libya

Egyptian embassy, Tripoli (25 Jan)
The four people kidnapped on Saturday all worked at the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli

At least four Egyptian embassy personnel have been kidnapped in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the Libyan foreign ministry says.

Another embassy official was seized in the Libyan capital on Friday.

Several kidnappings of officials in Libya recently have been blamed on militias. They are often paid by the government, but their allegiance and who controls them remain in doubt.

2. Hamas youth camp graduation ceremony:

3. Black Widow terror threat linked to Islamist recruitment of women

4. Ahmadiyya moderation not all it’s cracked up to be

LONDON. The Ahmadis are characterised as a group that is supportive of integration and as a shining example of how Islam can fit happily within a modern liberal democracy. They’ve been warmly praised by the Mayor of London and several high profile Members of Parliament; primarily for their charity work and the promotion of community understanding and integration.

I however have some reservations. I have debated with members of the Ahmadiyya sect and am somewhat uncomfortable with this firm acclaim.

To give them their due, the Ahmadi community in Britain does regularly preach peace and unity, and on their UK website – Love for All, Hatred for None – they call for “the rejection of violence and terrorism, the separation of mosque and state and the promotion of Human Rights including complete freedom of religion for all.” …

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  1. NSA also serves economic interests: Snowden interview

    Berlin (AFP) – The US National Security Agency (NSA) sometimes uses data it collects for economic purposes, intelligence leaker Edward Snowden reveals in an extract of an interview with a German television chain to be broadcast Sunday.

    “If there is information, for example on Siemens, which is in the national interest, but has nothing to do with national security, they will still use this information,” said Snowden, according to the German translation of the interview on public television ARD.

    The interview was carried out by a journalist for NDR, a regional chain belonging to the broadcaster that has analysed secret documents that Snowden leaked to journalists.

    Under top secrecy, the chain this week in Moscow filmed the first interview with Snowden since he left Hong Kong in 2013 to seek refuge in Russia.

    The 30-minute interview will be broadcast Sunday at 2200 GMT, with initial extracts to be released during an earlier talk show at 2045 GMT.

  2. #4 I thought Ahmadiyya were basically harmless. I could be wrong and I probably am. I’ll read the article and look for more articles to confirm one way or another.

    I thought Sufis were moderate but lately I have heard of radical Sufis.

    In both cases the Sufis and Ahmadiyyas are put upon by other Muslim sects. So they have their head down. I they were not picked upon and had more muscle what would they do to other sects and non-Muslims?

    That leaves the Ibadis. they are mainly to be found in Oman.

  3. My experience of Omanis is that they are generally more pleasant than other Gulf Muslims, but I suspect that has as much to do with their having less money as with their version of Islam. They allow a couple-three places of worship for Christians to operate, and long-term British expats will argue with you that this is evidence of their fantastic tolerance. But I’m pretty sure if you started handing out Bibles in downtown Muscat you would find yourself on a plane back to point of origin as quickly as if you had tried it on in Riyadh. They would probably be more pleasant about it. There are no Hindu temples, so far as I know, despite the country being full of Hindus. It’s not like Omanis memorize a different Koran. Same hadiths, same sira, same Mohammed. They seem to have got lucky with their current dictator, but not many of them share his enthusiasm for opera.

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