News items for Jan 22 2014 – 5

1. Shattering moment I discovered my husband had ANOTHER wife… and SIX children (four of them conceived after we got together)

2. University of Regina has a disinformation about Islam week.

More videos from this classic taqiyya maneuver here and here. (More will likely appear in the comments as well)

3. Muslim anti-Semitism is only decades old, Obama claims

(If there was ever an article that didn’t pass the ‘So What, what difference does it make?’ test, this is it.)

4.Foreign criminal danger ‘is increasing’, warns police minister as he promises action on offenders from overseas

The number of crimes committed by foreign criminals is ‘sizeable and increasing’, a minister warned yesterday.

Police Minister Damian Green made the warning as he promised new action to clamp down on offenders from overseas.

He pointed to figures showing more than 74,000 foreign national offenders were arrested in London in a single year.

5. Know any Lesbian couples? Don’t even use their bathrooms. 

(Several years ago in 2005, a Scandinavian homosexual was landed with child care costs for multiple children when a lesbian couple broke up even though they did go through a sperm bank and did all the proper procedures. Which shows that no mater what lip service is paid to equality etc. etc. ad-nauseam, the man is always the wallet and the woman gets to make all the choices.)

6. Tunisia still debating having Apostasy as a crime. Critics say it gives jihadis a license to kill.


Thank you M, Blue, Dan F, EDL Buck, Fjordman,

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9 Replies to “News items for Jan 22 2014 – 5”

  1. ‘the man is always the wallet’

    If Lesbians were real, the Dyke with the Fem would be forced to pay the maintenance having bonded with the child as if she were its own father.

  2. # 2 heh, heh. They think we’re stupid, don’t they? Unfortunately, they’re right…that girl in the turquoise top beaming about Islam…jeez. It’s “please don’t kill me, I’m reading the Koran”. I can’t wait for her to convert, marry a muslim, have children, and then have the children taken by the husband who then disappears with them to Algeria, never to be seen again. You know that’s what’s in store for her.

  3. #3

    Did Obama really say that? How can somebody who acts so smart be so unbelievably dumb? Mohammed personally committed genocide against the three Jewish tribes that lived in the city of Medina (Yathrib) after he gained control of the city. Both Mohammed and his fake god, “Allah” hated Jews pretty much more than anything else in the world. I can’t believe Obama would say something so stupid. He’s got to be lying. Remember, he went to a madrassa when he was a kid…he knows more than he’s letting on…

  4. Just got back a letter from my mp where I versed my disgust at the month of October being declared in canada as Islam awareness month and he blamed it on the liberals.
    I had told him that it is the duty of all Canadians during these hideous promotions filled months or activities such as this one in Regina whose purposes are to fill with nonsense and lies and propaganda the vacuous heads of the student body……..It is the duty of all students To gather up lists of the crimes if Islam against humanity happening in the last decade and print them up to pass out during these times. Say summaries available from bloggers and printed out. Only the last 10 years otherwise it would be dozens of pages long. Ssssoooooooo ,
    My question to the dolts at Regina u is this. Where are those people and those pages of lists of atrocities of The savages and barbarians of Islam

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