Mahmoud Abbas’ Party Threatens to ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’

Israel National News:

The Fatah party of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has posted threats to bomb Tel Aviv on its official Facebook page.

The threats came in the form of a video by Fatah’s armed wing – the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – which threatened to turn Tel Aviv “into a ball of fire”, as well as escalated rocket fire on Israeli civilians.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has been declared a terrorist group by the US, EU, Israel and Canada, among others.

The post was spotted on Tuesday and translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which regularly monitors PA media for incitement and anti-Semitism. Excerpts from the eight-minute video can be seen below:

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4 Replies to “Mahmoud Abbas’ Party Threatens to ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’”

  1. Oh oh they must have got a whole new influx of money or credit to buy new weapons from the 66 million from canada that Harper provided to them. When Shiron Perez spoke to Harper he mentioned that among other bits of wisdom that giving these terrorist states money was a dead end and did not end up resulting in the intended reasons for providing aid.
    Bravo to Harper in so many ways for the support of Israel but this money to terrorists is badly advised.

  2. Abbas seeks $1-billion Gaza deal with Russia

    Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas sought on Thursday to secure a billion-dollar Gaza energy deal during talks with Russian leaders aimed at restoring warmer ties between the two Soviet-era allies.

    Abbas and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev were due to sign an intergovernmental agreement that reports said included a $1.0-billion (730-million-euro) natural gas project in the Gaza section of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Abbas began his Moscow visit by holding talks with Putin at which he called Russia a “great power” that deserved to play a more prominent role the volatile Middle East region.

    “We are glad that Russia is an active and influential player on the international arena,” Russian news agencies quoted Abbas as telling the Kremlin chief at his suburban Moscow residence.

    “We are in favour of Russia playing a central role in the Middle East because it is a great power.”

    Russia has more recently developed close ties with Israel but has seen its role in stuttering Middle East peace negotiations largely overtaken by the United States.

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