A couple of random news items from the past few months.

I just thought it was worth having a look at this story from yesterday which I called, A tard in a drain in New Jersey, and the one below from a major and apparently secure Boston water reservoir from last summer.

What is the Sailor’s Lament again? Water water all around and not a drop to drink? Suddenly has much more menacing implications doesn’t it?

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  1. Yucki they are starting in the regions where there are large numbers of Moslems for the jihadists to hide among, Unfortunately that is in your area, in Missouri there are suppose to be terror trasupporting cells in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia with what are reported to be training camps in the South West portion of the state. I haven’t heard of any actions liike those around Boston but expect them to occur at anytime. Unlike in the previous wars we are not safe in the Homeland, the two massive moats called oceans no longer protect us so we must get use to the idea that we are going to be hit and probably hurt badly.

  2. They are afraid not to, doing anything else would create a major problem for the Dem politicians, they would start sounding like Republicans and the media would start hating them.

  3. FWIW: Mohammed’s parents tell police he left at 2 a.m. in shorts and a jacket and he never came back.


    That evening the low was 29 degrees in that area of NJ. I’ve read Asef was air-evacuated to a local hospital and treated for hypothermia and another CBS News clip reveals reveals “the man is listed in fair condition”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6luDqyZmpg

    If you ask me, ‘fair condition’ would be finding him behind bars…permanently.

    • That ABC link gives this error:

      Page Not Found

      We are sorry, but the URL you requested could not be found. The page you are looking for may have been renamed, moved, or deleted.

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