News links for Jan 17 2014 – 1

1. Breivik, the Useful Nutcase. GoV.

Breivik, the Useful Nutcase
by Fjordman

Some readers both at Gates of Vienna and at the Danish blog Snaphanen argue that we should simply forget Breivik and ignore him. They’re missing the point. This is less about the deranged terrorist than it is about how he has been used by the mass media and political elites. […]

2. Why Egyptians Are Voting Away Their Freedoms

(In a nutshell, 90% of Egyptians want to ensure no Muslim Brotherhood control)

3. This is alleged to be a photo of a child in Syria, crucified while being forced to watch her parents being killed for being Christian. There is a trail of links I followed on this story and I have no idea if it is true. But it seems to me that it is no more outrageous or barbaric than what muslim monsters are doing in Syria on a daily basis to establish a sharia state.

Here are some of the links I have followed.


Eponymous flower

Daphne Anson

Christian girl crucified

Christian girl crucified


4. Syria: Jihadi group bans women from sitting on chairs

(This makes sense to me at the level of how muslims pretty much make their reputations on raising the bar of islamic observance. Its pretty much the only way you can make a living or gain authority etc. in that world. It won’t be by the arts or sports for certain. So I can see how they are starting to pass fatwas on fairly absurd behaviors as there just isn’t that much left that isn’t already forbidden. Maybe if women breastfeed the chair before they sit down though, they can consider it family and therefore sitting in it will be non-sexual somehow)

5. Brian Lilley on SUN TV segment on the Aikido and York U decisions to accommodate Islamic destruction of various other cultures.

6. ‘Blackphone’ claims to be NSA proof. Frankly, this sounds like a trap to me. There is no such thing as NSA proof as readers of this site will know, as they plant their own hardware and software into pretty much everything, even to the extent that they can spy on you when your camera appears to be off (some people are now in the habit of putting a band-aid over the lens when they are not using it) and even when your device is OFFLINE. The NSA will just look at people who buy this device as likely targets, in my opinion, and watch them more closely. Also I do not believe that this company will be able to resist NSA pressure. One man who tried to, had to close his secure email service as his options where grant access to the NSA or quit altogether. I suspect he paid a hefty price for his choice to live with integrity and obey the US 4th amendment.

7. Michael Coren on converts to Islam and Islam in general.

Thank you Oz-Rita, Fjordman, M, CB Sashenka and all.

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8 Replies to “News links for Jan 17 2014 – 1”

  1. Great video from the EUSSR parliament. Look at those marxist dhimmis squirming in their seats. Disgusting. Roll on the European elections in May. They’re going to get a rather unpleasant surprise, these May ’68er commies…

  2. #2

    Allah is terrifying and Allah is all-powerful. Mohammed is terrifying and Mohammed is all-powerful. Mohammed’s right-hand man, Hamza – same thing. The Angel Gabriel is terrifying and all-powerful. Why is it so gosh darn impossible for anybody on our side to understand that it is not unusual for Muslims to desire a leader who is both all-powerful and terrifying, considering their greatest role-models are exactly that?

    We’re not talking about Icelanders or Canadians here, folks, we’re talking about those guys on the camels in Lawrence of Arabia, shouting,”Take no prisoners!”. Muslims cannot be ruled by care bears, because they would not respect a care bear. Hosni Mubarak was exactly what they needed in Egypt and we shall now watch as the people of Egypt replace him with with a perfect mini-me. With luck the same thing will happen one day in Libya when they decide to reincarnate the Great Muammar Gaddafi and bring order back to their troubled land.

    All Western leaders suffer from severe mental retardation. They just couldn’t be playing this any worse if they were purposely trying to lose.

  3. BELGIUM: Afghan asylum seekers stage three-day march to protest Belgium’s refusal to grant them legal residency

    Some 200 Afghan asylum seekers and their supporters on Monday (January 13) completed a three-day march through Flemish roads to protest Belgium’s refusal to grand them legal residency. The protesters entered the city of Ghent holding banners reading ‘We are not dangerous, we are in danger’ and chanting slogans.

    The Afghans have been occupying the Beguinage church in Brussels for two months demanding permission to legally stay in Belgium. The 60 kilometer (37 miles) march was a further attempt to raise more awareness for their cause.

    The asylum seekers say that if they are made to return to Afghanistan, it is likely they would be killed in the unrest or forced to join terror groups. Along the way, the group stopped and met with Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and head of Belgian Catholic Church Andre Leonard at the abbey of Affligem. Leonard has lent his support to their campaign. Afghan refugees’ spokesman, Samir Hamdard praised the endorsement.

    “Before this march, we had a lot of support from the Catholic church, even Monsignor Leonard has shown his support and this is our action’s biggest victory,” he told Reuters. They also made a symbolic stop in the town of the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum, Maggie De Block. De Block has taken a hard line towards the issue, arguing the Afghans’ requests would be processed as for any other would-be refugee and has told them to re-apply for asylum. Priest of Sint Antonius Church, Marcel De Meyer opened his church to shelter and feed the group during their one-day stay in Ghent. He said that granting them legal residence in Belgium was a moral obligation. “I think the church has the right and even the obligation to disrespect certain laws, and in particular this law concerning refugees and, in this special case Afghan refugees. We know that they live in a war zone, in a country at war, we see that everyday in the media, so for me it is simply unacceptable that they get extradited and sent back to such a country. It’s even immoral in my opinion,” he said.

    Before receiving shelter at the Beguinage Church, the Afghans had occupied several empty buildings in Brussels from which they were evicted. During the past few months they staged several protests to draw attention to their plight, but apart from sending the riot police to disperse their protests, authorities have not responded. Hoping to be able to speak directly to Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, they staged a 70-kilometer march last month from Brussels to the southern Walloon city of Mons, the home town of Di Rupo. They did not meet because local authorities said the Prime Minister was on a trip abroad. The group will be taking a train back to Brussels, to the Beguinage Church, later on Monday. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, Afghanistan was in 2012 the world’s top producer of refugees (36,600 claims), a position it has held for 32 years, followed by Syria. Over 30,000 Afghans applied for political asylum world-wide in 2011, also according to UN statistics. The number of asylum seekers in the EU-27 reached just over 300 000 in 2012, according to the European Union’s Statistics Office Eurostat.

  4. RT-‘Racist’ US diplomat says Indian ‘vegetarians…are doing the raping’

    A US diplomat and his wife who were expelled from India have caused a furor in the media after their racist comments went viral. Regularly mocking the Indian lifestyle, they once suggested vegetarians are responsible for a wave of violence and rapes.

    The Times of India reproduced the comments made by Wayne May, who headed the security team at the US embassy in New Delhi, and his wife, Alicia Muller, who worked as a community liaison officer. The paper noted the irony of her role given the comments.

    The US diplomatic couple was effectively deported last week by Indian authorities,

    While Indian newspapers have identified May as the diplomat expelled, the US State Department officially refused to state the identity of the diplomat who was based in India.

    In a further post, Muller went on to insult a sacred Indian animal, posting a picture of a cow entitled “stupid cow.” As one response duly noted: “You just insulted their god…” Muller replied: “Not the first time, not the last.”

  5. #5 & 7 Once again they are doing a good job, I am not seeing much coming from their good works. This is why I think there are civil wars coming to all western nations.

    #6 It does sound like a trap, in fact I wouldn’t put it past the NSA and Obama to start the company just to plant their own phones on the people who want privacy. My solution is never say anything over a phone that the government could be interested in.

  6. Breivek is an extreme far-Left Marxist Lefty by some reports.
    This means I can’t comment on his behavior being reactionary to the socialist nursery and breeding ground he claimed to be destroying, or on the mutual respect and admiration for Islam most fascists share.
    While others call him an isolated and lone madman with nothing to contribute to the state of the world.
    Burying our heads and denying what many would do unrestrained if civil war broke out, will not prevent it.

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