News links Jan 15 2014 – 4

1. Owner of this filthy sweet shop fined £4,000 after health inspectors found it was full of flies and had pans caked in grease and dirt

(I bet the products are halal though)

2. UK crime stats turn out to be deliberately altered. I wonder what the real stats would show about immigration, just as an example, and crime in the UK

He also claimed that serious offences including rape and child sex abuse are being recorded as ‘crime-related incidents’ or ‘no crimes’ to keep them off the books.

(That explains a lot)

3. January 11 2014 Muslim Brotherhood supporters in front of Egyptian Embassy Ottawa Canada

4. There have been two articles in the national post on Canadian institutions changing their policies and customs because of muslim requests in the past few days. One of them has over 1000 comments on it, which is, according to a keen observer, double the usual highest amount of comments on an article. Both have been posted here before but it might be worth going back to get a feel for the comments.

Here is the one on York U

and here is the other on the marshal arts gym

5. Saudi religious cops tell women not to use swings

Published Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pic credit: Al Sada

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police entered a public park in the Gulf Kingdom and told women to stop using swings, an act that drew applause and criticism by viewers of a picture showing the men warning some women at the swings.

The picture went viral on social networks in Saudi Arabia before it was published by newspapers showing two men from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice warning women against using the swings.



Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and all. More to come.

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  1. #3

    I’ll bet the kids down at CSIS must have a field day with events like these and the dopes who attend them. Every one of those people, by standing under that four-finger banner of the Muslim Brotherhood, is declaring themselves to be a proponent of Sharia law and Islamic supremacy, whether that can be proven or not. Ever watch, “Homeland”? Well these Allahu Akbar protesters had better get used to the idea of wisecracking agents watching them as they go to the bathroom and make love to their wives, ’cause that’s what they’re probably in for. And as for planning an actual terrorist attack, the cops are going to be onto them before they can even think of the plan. Hell, the cops might even be the ones who give them the plan, and then supply the fake weapons-grade ammonium nitrate so they can really, really bust them when the SWAT team finally descends…:)

  2. #3 There are always so many more of them in these videos than I’m prepared for. I would give them every encouragement to fly to Cairo and fight to the death for the revolution.

  3. 1.Thank god that only the “vibrant” eat this muck.
    2.If the evil of islam is not resisted when it first rears its ugly head,they will destroy every facet of our societies.

  4. #5 Some of the ‘viewers of the picture’ who applauded the action of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to stop Saudi women swinging were doubtless other Saudi women. If enough Saudi women really wanted to reform Saudi society, it would not be beyond them. Meantime is it anything the rest of us should wish for? A more vigorous, a more robust Saudi Arabia, one not squandering its time and energy policing women on swings, checking that stores close for prayer and shutting down hubbly bubbly shops? More skilled, more forceful, better-connected Saudi women, and restive Saudi mutawa with time on their hands? The more vileness the Saudis turn on each other the better.

  5. No wonder that the brutal gang rapes of tens of thousands of young white girls by Muslims, and Pakistani Muslims in particular (NOT ASIANS), was not publicly visible.

    This is not just a police problem but the complicity of the entire political and judicial establishment.

    This treasonous act is so shameful and should attract massive punishment, thats its no surprise that the entire establishment is in denial.

    It will require an outside body, to shame the lot.

  6. Ex-police inspector from Blackburn charged with rapes

    A FORMER Blackburn police inspector has gone on trial charged with raping two women.

    Mustaq Patala, 37, is accused of attacking one of the alleged victims in his car and in a hotel room in 1998 and 1999.

    A jury was told that he then treated another woman ‘as his slave’, forcing her to have sex with him.

    As Ive said before, this is not a Muslim issue, but really gross treason by the establishment.

  7. SYRIA – Nearly 1,100 killed in Syria rebel-jihadist battles

    Two weeks of battles between Syrian rebels and jihadists have killed at least 1,069 people, mostly fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday.

    Among the dead, not all of whom were identified, were 608 Islamists and moderate rebels, 312 jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and 130 civilians, the Britain-based group said.

    Among the 130 civilians killed were 21 who had been summarily executed by ISIL in a children’s hospital in Aleppo that the jihadists had turned into a base, the Observatory said.

    Among the anti-ISIL rebels killed were 99 who were summarily executed by ISIL.

    The rebels also executed 56 ISIL members after taking them prisoner, said the Observatory, which relies on a broad network of activists and doctors in Syria for its reporting.,-killed-in-Syria-rebeljihadist-battles-NGO.aspx

    video – ( graphic )

  8. #2 The Brits are following Obama’s example, he has been lying about the US economic figures since he got into office, and there are some real big questions about some of our crime stats.

  9. 5/ don c – “Some of the ‘viewers of the picture’ who applauded the action of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to stop Saudi women swinging were doubtless other Saudi women.”

    Very astute, good point, Don. Women oppressed by other women, always most vicious. Here they’re acting as self-deputized secret police.

    Self-defined “feminists” are wicked mean to women who may not share the beliefs of radicals or who have other priorities in their professional or personal lives.

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