News links for Jan 8 2014 – 2

1. Embattled Massachusetts Transit Authority Accepts “Defeat Violent Jihad” Advertisement for Display on Public Buses

2. A beheading in New York.

(It is amazing how fast the cultural norms of savages and barbarians become a yawn in our own back yards. If we do not reclaim the culture soon, it may never come again)

3. Kerry proposes return of 80,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel

He added that during their meetings, Abbas wants to increase the number of Palestinian refugees returning to Israel to 200,000, and the demand is still under discussion with Kerry.

4. Ten members of Pakistani family are killed when artillery shell they kept in their house explodes

(Might be a good time to cancel your subscription to Better Homes and Ordinance)

5. Alfred Hitchcock’s unseen Holocaust documentary to be screened

In 1945, Hitchcock had been enlisted by his friend and patron Sidney Bernstein to help with a documentary on German wartime atrocities, based on the footage of the camps shot by British and Soviet film units. In the event, that documentary was never seen.

6. UKIP leader calls for ban on benefits for immigrants till they have been in the country for 5 years.

(He should add the word ‘legally’ after the word country)

7. BBC on new documentary called, ‘The Truth about Immigration’

(Looking for it now. I’m sure its online somewhere)


Thank you M, CB Sashenka, ML and all. More to come.


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  1. #3

    And still the Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Obama Administration keeps doing whatever they can to assure Israel’s future destruction. Kerry is pushing for the infamous, “right of return” for the so-called “Palestinian so-called “refugees”, and therefore legitimizing the idea and putting it out there as the next concession the Israelis are going to be forced to make. The Arabs would love it if they could swamp the Jews with their numbers, because it would give them the opportunity to destroy the Jews through the ballot box. If there is one thing these people can always come up with it is countless tens-of-thousands of disposable surplus Sunni Muslims.

  2. The establishment ‘notices’ immigration, and the damage and discomfort it has caused in the run up to an election. The mainstream parties apologise for past mistakes, make belligerent noises about curbing numbers, barring benefits. The media helps by making the debate briefly respectable, makes soothing noises ‘We understand your pain, we realise mistakes were made, we won’t do it again’.
    It happens at every election, but this time it’s aimed at preventing a UKIP landslide at the upcoming european elections.
    Once the elections over it will be back to business as usual, the politicians will drop the rhetoric and go back to stuffing the country with immigrants (they won’t actually stop, only say that they are going to), and the bbc will go back to stifling all debate that does not promote thee benefits of immigration amd multiculturalism

  3. Once any discussion of immigration into the UK starts with “We are a nation of immigrants”, I know the conclusion has already been made and all the rest is just so much waffle. I just switch off..

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