News links for Dec. 28 2013 – 2

1. Military style attack on California power station one day after Boston Marathon attack ‘not terrorism’, attackers not caught. (I have posted on this before. Something very rotten about this and there have been similar attacks on other kinds of facilities such as Emergency Broadcast stations I believe)

2. Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood still causing violent riots Dec. 28 2013. This video from Al-Azzhar. The Oxford of irrational religious hatred.

It takes a village to make a village. But it only takes a few tards to burn one down. Also Al Azhar today. Story here.

3. Turkey is once again embroiled in massive anti-government protests. Thankfully.

More to come.  Thank you TL, Fjordman, M Richard and all.


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3 Replies to “News links for Dec. 28 2013 – 2”

  1. #1 I blame Leftists who are anti-Globalist who protest whenever the G8 or G20 meet. San Jose is an epicenter globalization and wealth.

    If it is not them then it is Muslim group.

  2. 1. Note the first attack took place on April 16 this Nuclear attack took place on April 23rd

    Also note the article which your link is now broken says:
    ” a more traditional attack on a power *station* in California” (no date or any other information given)

    The April 16 attack was a substation that is a big difference.

  3. #1 The California attack was a semi dry run, the Tennessee attack was a recon that went bad, both are indications that terrorists are making plans and training for a series of attacks that they hope will leave the US defenseless. It may be leftists like Jack says but the military style planning and discipline of the California attack are signs of highly trained personal, they went in, did the job and left without leaving many clues.

    The comment about how we are spending all of our time preparing for cyber attacks and ignoring physical attacks is very telling. For all of our history the Oceans have protected us from foreign attack and to a large extent our political leadership has been conditioned by history to ignore the possibility of physical attacks in the US. This historical protection has been removed by technology and in the coming major war the US will be hit hard throughout the entire nation.

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