Chad peacekeepers killed in more CAR violence.

Still being reported as if its just indefinable violence between gangs, or even the vague suggestion that Christians are the aggressors. Journalists, or more accurately whoever set this policy should be treated like complicit governments should reason ever prevail.

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  1. [ Muslim ] Chadians flee CAR for fear of reprisal attacks

    Despite relative calm in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui since Thursday, [ Muslim ] Chadian civilians are fleeing the capital. The Chadian government has set up an air bridge and road convoys to help their nationals return to the country.

    [ Muslim ] Chadian nationals fear reprisal attacks from anti-Balaka militias and are fleeing Bangui, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Convoys were seen leaving the capital on Saturday.

    Six soldiers from Chad who were part of the African Union mission died on Wedneday when they were attacked by anti-Balaka militia. The militia accuse the [ Muslim ] Chadian forces of supporting the [ Muslim terrorists ] Seleka rebels.

    French President François Hollande asked the UN on Friday to play a more important role in the CAR. Violence has continued in the city, despite the presence of French soldiers and the African Union force MISCA.

    The United Nations said they will discuss the possibility of deploying a peacekeeping force.

    video – looting in Bangui – then at 0:43 Muslims leaving the country

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