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8 Replies to “The US refuses Christmas cards which say Merry Christmas for vets”

  1. This is in Texas?
    Christ, this is one of those stories that if I’d come across it on the internet I wouldn’t even bother following up, assuming that it was just hysteria.
    Christ the ludicrous is becoming common place, Texas, not even California, where i can role my eyes and assume that it’s those lovable hippies making fools of themselves again, but Texas?
    What chance do we stand?

  2. blindguard look at the duck dynasty mess A&E and Cracker barrel are backing down and GLAAD is talking about the big blacklash, the sleeping giant is at the least flailing in its sleep if not waking up.

  3. I’m sorry, but this ruling not just restricts the good Christmas cards from reaching service members, but also restricts the bad religious literature from being sent as well. If there were not such a restriction in place, then the Islamists would be sending hateful messages to each service member in the same way that an Islamist was sending hateful mail messages to the widow and family of an Australian service member killed in Iraq. For the sake of upsetting a few children, imagine the despicable messages that would be sent: threatening endless hellfire for the infidel, strict shari’a for everybody and Islamists in charge forever.

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