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The muslims use the classic logic of grade 2. “The fight started when they hit us back”

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The deployment came after interim President Michel Djotodia officially disbanded Seleka, but some of its members went rogue, leading to months of killing, rape and pillaging — and prompting Christians to form vigilante groups in response.

Amnesty International says some 1,000 people have been killed since December 5, mostly by Muslim ex-rebels but also in Christian reprisal attacks.


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  1. Six peacekeepers from Chad killed in Central African Republic, official says

    DAKAR, SENEGAL—The spokesman for an African Union peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic says six Chadian peacekeepers were killed and 15 were wounded, after being ambushed in the country’s chaotic capital.

    Eloi Yao told The Associated Press by telephone Thursday that the peacekeepers were attacked at noon Wednesday. Yao said that the identity of the attackers was unclear.

    The Chadian contingent, which is made up of Arabic-speaking Muslim soldiers, has been accused of taking sides in the country’s communal conflict. They are seen as being anti-Christian and of having sided with the Muslim rebels who grabbed power in a coup nine months ago.

    The attack further underscores the messy nature of the conflict in the Central African Republic, where both French and AU forces have come under attack.

    CAR – Chad ( Muslim ) peacekeepers killed in C. Africa clashes

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