News links for Dec. 22 2013 – 2

1. Marks & Spencer in a suicidal move, allows cashiers to refuse to ring up alcohol or pork.

Marks & Spencer has told Muslim staff they can refuse to serve shoppers buying alcohol or pork, it has been revealed.

The chain has granted checkout workers in more than 700 stores permission to politely decline to serve customers for religious reasons.

Instead, shoppers are being asked to wait to pay for certain items at a different till.

(I highly recommend that all customers also remember their rights and if they are refused service at any store that would sell them a product, to leave their entire basket of goods on the counter and tell the cashier to put them back on the shelf and that you will take your business somewhere else. As far as I know, we still have the right to shop where we are not insulted for our choices.)

2. Muslim Brotherhood ‘Rabaa’ channel launched, airing from Turkey

The new Rabaa channel opened by hosting pro-Brotherhood Egyptian cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

The channel’s sign is the four-finger Rabaa sign that Brotherhood and Morsi loyalists use in regular ongoing protests. The Brotherhood’s former channel, which aired from Egypt, was shut down after Mursi’s ouster, on charges that the station was inciting violence.

Turkey, which welcomed the Brotherhood station’s presence in the country, has been vocal of its support of Egypt’s former Islamist president

Relations between Egypt and Turkey deteriorated shortly after Mursi’s ouster, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the Rabaa sign and voiced his disapproval at the new military-backed government.

Below, a familiar face from Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood on the new Turkish based TV station.

3. Devout muslim kidnaps 20 month old daughter to Syria and joins Al-Qaeda’s Al Nusra front.


Thank you UK Pete, M, Bear for the translation and all. There are only three stories. All of them are quite significant. Especially item 2.

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3 Replies to “News links for Dec. 22 2013 – 2”

  1. 1/ Muslim cashiers in Gulf states might hold their noses, but if the shop carries the stuff they check it through. I guess that’s too much to ask of Muslims in Islamic Britannia. It’s probably a purer form of Islam there.

  2. #1 Don’t forget to send an email to the stores complaint department informing the store how much money they lost from the actions of the clerk, hitting them in the pocket works but it works faster if the big bosses know how much they are losing from their stupidity.

  3. To be fair, all types of meat, including their islamic slaughter halal type of meat are offensive.
    What if shoppers refused to be serve by Moslems? If those Moslems are allowed to discriminate against shoppers, surely shoppers should also be allowed to discriminate against them.

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