News links for Dec. 15 2013 – 2

1. Are drums or other musical instruments allowed in Islam? In essence it is like all other rules in Islam. Anything efficacious is only to be used for the advancement of islam. Any other use such as personal enjoyment is prohibited. This video from Shiite mosque in Montreal Que.

Please make sure your liberal arts friends listen to this.

2. Indian supreme court maintains ban on homosexuality. 

3. Leftist and muslim sympathizer who murdered Dutch gay politician Pim Fortuyne to be released on bail. (Anyone not familiar with who Pim was may want to read Steyn on the subject but also this most excellent speech given at a memorial to him, which has been on the Agenda page of this website since it was started.

4. Putin Makes it Official: RT is the New Pravda

5. Judges walk out on MB trial in Egypt. Again.

6. Canadian government to fund project to offer seal meat at grocery stores

(This seems only fair. After all the agro-industry has all but ruined chicken. Maybe its time to start a new credit based meat delivery business. We could call it, ‘Sign, Seal delivered.’

7. Acid control in India working as well as gun-control works everywhere else.

8. Differences in educational achievement owe more to genetics than environment

(This will be buried so furiously it may raise the price of shovels)

9. Retired judge confesses he was acting on ‘reverse racism’ when he convicted white man of killing a black man as he calls for his release

(I have news for this judge. There is no such possibility as reverse racism. Either you are racist or you are not. This judge is. But at least he is trying to undo some of the damage his racism did. For examples of more racism on the part of Judges check this out)

Thank you M, DP111, Fjordman and all who sent in material. Tomorrow I am hoping to post excerpts of the brave Syrian Christian nun who gave testimony in German the other day in Europe about the treatment of Christians by muslim jihadis in Syria thanks to the efforts of Carpe Diem. Please look out for that.

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16 Replies to “News links for Dec. 15 2013 – 2”

  1. ….what,????….no Drums,!!!!!!….that’s means they’ll have to cancel the Bon Jovi Concert, shit anjem won’t be pleased, and he’ll be very very angry.

  2. #7, Definitely wont work. All you have to do is get some scrap car batteries, empty them, boil the electrolyte down to concentrate the sulfuric acid, and you’ve got instant sharia justice in a can.

  3. #1 He has no business being in Montreal, nor his filthy Imam Hussain ‘Charitable’ Foundation, slowly undermining the law of the land with activities like its ‘Weekly Youth Program that focuses on topics in Ideology, Ethics, History, Jurisprudence, etc’, nor this obscene AlMujtaba Islamic Propaganda Network. The longer they stay the deeper they dig themselves in.

  4. #4

    RT has ALWAYS been official propoganda. I don’t know what their broadcasts for Russian consumption are like but the stuff they produce for international consumption has decades of KGB propoganda experience behind it and is pure poison. Each one I’ve seen is chock full of subtle manipulation and head F-ery that is intended to not be noticed and thus bypass our critical thinking capabilities. That’s why those clips are so dangerous to embed. I honestly think they’re bad for mental health.

    It should be fine to report what facts are revealed in such clips instead of embedding them. That way one can present evidence supporting what one wishes without exposing the public to the clips themselves.

  5. #8 There will be calls from the Office of the Handicapper General for mandatory gene redistribution to make everyone dumber, reverse eugenics.

  6. RE; # 1 Islam is nothing more than a de facto religious concentration camp, a place where these alleged ‘scholars’ and ‘Imams’ make,change, and enforce the rules at their whim. If these ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ are not happy and content with our Western ways and culture, may I suggest that they migrate ASAP to the ‘Islamic Paradise’ of their choice, Once there they will not have the dreaded and horrid daily contact with the Infidel.

  7. Turkey shipped arms to Syria rebels

    Turkey has shipped 47 tonnes of weapons to Syrian rebels since June despite repeated government denials, a local newspaper reported on Monday.

    The Hurriyet Daily News, citing UN and Turkish Statistics Institute records, said 29 tonnes of military equipment were sent to opposition fighters in September alone.

    The government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a vociferous opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has openly supported the rebels but has always denied arming them.

    “Turkey does not supply arms to any group” in Syria, a Turkish diplomat told AFP when asked to comment on the report.

    He said the UN and Turkish records cited by Hurriyet were “guns without military uses”.

    Hundreds of Turks have crossed the border into Syria to fight with Al-Qaeda linked jihadists against the Damascus regime, according to an interior ministry report published last month.

    Ankara has been accused of turning a blind eye to the fighters crossing its border into Syria.

  8. Richard, i agree.I always refer to the MSM as the ‘ Government media Complex. or ‘The Ministry Of Truth And Propaganda’. We are heading towards an Orwellian Society at warp speed.

  9. OX – Your Video is a classic example of why we in Scotland get so-so frustrated when we want to Phone a Co. in say England ( I’ve no doubt our English neighbours will agree also.) you get directed to Pakistan or somewhere in India, when we ask them (Politely) to speak a wee bit slower, you get accused of being a Racist, from Edinburgh, (Scotland’s Capital City), to contact a Firm in England you are directed Via. Pakistan, I still had to strain in order to take on board what the hell he was saying, I think at the end of his explanation he said something to the effects of,..”is that clear”,…err..well no, it was about as clear as Scotch Mist. was my comment Harram or Hallal.

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