The Nanny state post.

In the Western World recently the number of nanny-state laws and rules has grown logarithmically since people discovered that if you word things in a wet blanket of either ‘human rights’ or ‘public health and safety’ you can pretty much take away everyone’s rights and/or ruin their fun with a few angry phone calls.

Check this one out from the UK. In a nativity scene, the girl playing Mary will have to wear safety equipment to ride the donkey across town. What a shame the Romans didn’t think like the that.  The Crucifixion could have been so much safer for our lord and saviour.

And now in Ottawa you can’t smoke in social housing. Given that the city is always increasing the influence of city hall in all housing, it won’t be long till they decide what sexual positions will be permitted. And now that the FBI can watch you without even turning your camera light on…

This Canadian dad made a very funny video about how to fight babies. The nanny state Granny Fascists are having a judgmental field day with it. But its just a video of a guy being very affectionate with his baby and making it look like a fight.

I had to re edit this post to add these couple of items:

1. A woman with a 10 year 0 accident record as a crossing guard and much beloved for her dancing with music as she escorts kids across the street was told to cut it out as she was a distraction and a safety hazard. Once more, 10 years, perfect record.

2. Ontario school kills child by taking away his asthma medication due to a policy that all medication must be locked up. Presents quite  problem when the child needs acute life saving treatment though. At least the parents can basque in the warm glow of knowing that someone somewhere was safe from whatever danger this medication presented to whomever may come in contact with it. Or something.

Thank you Grace for sending in all these nanny-state stories. It makes one wonder if it isn’t time to dump the whole book and start anew.

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  1. Extradited Briton Babar Ahmad admits terrorism offences (BBC, Dec 10, 2013)
    “A British man who spent eight years fighting extradition to the US has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

    Babar Ahmad, 39, from south London, admitted conspiracy and providing material to support to terrorism and faces up to 25 years in jail.

    He admitted the offences in a plea agreement hearing in a federal court hearing in New Haven, Connecticut.

    A second British man, Syed Talha Ahsan, admitted aiding terrorists by helping Ahmad. He faces up to 15 years in jail.

    Both men were extradited to the US in October last year. Ahmad’s eight-year battle against extradition was a record for a British citizen and he had thousands of supporters….”

  2. I see a few efforts on the web to do something with the frontispiece to Hobbes’ Leviathan, one with an Obama head in place of the sovereign’s, but what it really needs is a nanny. And little multiculti figures making up the torso and arms to show diversity. Parliament in the foreground. The monster nanny could wield a Koran in one hand and the rose of socialism in the other.

    Killing asthmatic children at school by withholding their Ventolin is hitting another new low.

  3. The worst tyranny and the one hardest to fight is the one that is supposedly in your best interest, we long ago passed the point where the “Nanny’s” were looking our for out best interest and are well into the area of control freaks getting off ordering people to live the way that makes the control freaks happy.

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