News links for Nov 30 2013 – 2

1. Jamaican authorities seize 3300 missiles and machines to make bullets and missiles.

(Jamaican authorities decline to say where these originated. But I would guess Venezuela or Iran)

2. Reykjavík police show little interest in desecration of mosque site

(Yes they are too busy looking after women who have been raped by muslims, people who have been beaten or killed etc. by muslims, stopping islamic terror attacks and, you know, crime. As opposed to littering in an empty field)

3. Norway capital sees rising number of women in niqabs

4. Hundreds of children evacuated from Huddersfield mosque after man claimed he’d put pig’s head inside

(Somehow, a pig head in a mosque has become the equivalent of a bomb placed anywhere else. As it turns out, the man had called in a false pighead scare and ’caused’ the building to be evacuated. I guess in case someone saw the pig head. Cause I really don’t see why a part of an animal is grounds for evacuation of a building.)

5. Iran: Quran has marked Israelis as ‘rabid dogs and pigs’

(Good thing we made that deal with em, ay?)

6. Ayatollah: ‘Wipe Israel off face of Earth’

(Good thing we made that deal with em, ay?)

7. Fears UK Is Paying Taliban Compensation Claims

Figures obtained by Sky News show the MoD paid out almost £24m in compensation to civilians in the UK and abroad last year compared with £9m in 2012 and £4.4m in 2011.

8. Nigeria: More than 50 Islamist insurgents killed in airstrike

9. Old Etonian army officer shot dead at point blank range moments after giving a gun back to Afghan ‘ally’

He returned the AK-47 to him at a checkpoint but was then shot through the head at close range.

The man, wearing Afghan police uniform, then turned his weapon on another soldier, 28-year-old Lance Corporal Siddhanta Kunwar, fatally shooting him twice through the chest.

(Yes you can ‘trust’ a muslim ally. You can trust them to do something like this)


Thank you M, Fjordman, Richard, UK Pete, Wrath of Khan, and everyone who sent in material. Thank you again.

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9 Replies to “News links for Nov 30 2013 – 2”

  1. What is happening in the UK?

    ‘Operate on this mother so that we can take her baby’
    A mother was given a caesarean section while unconscious – then social services put her baby into care

    Unbelievable. Nazis or Stalinists come to mind. The commies used to do this sort of thing quite regularly in the socialist Utopia of the USSR.

  2. 9/ ‘He (AUP) loaded it. The commander didn’t seem concerned. The mood was good, it was friendly. He had laughed. He turned his face back towards the AUP and as he did the AUP started shooting.

    ‘It was the commander’s face he was aiming at.’

    No one would suggest that Arabs have a monopoly on dissimulation, but there does seem to be that in their culture that trains them especially well in it, faking friendliness or respect over top of hatred and contempt. Phyllis Chesler called Afghans ‘wily’ in an article a couple of days ago. It looks like a good general rule, The friendlier the bastard seems, the more you need to keep your guard up.

  3. The suspect in the Jamaica war head heist is from Mandeville, Jamaica. FWIW, according to wiki, Outside of Kingston [Jamaica], organizations include Masjid Al Haq in Mandeville “

  4. 4/ Thank heaven those children are safe. I hope no one gets the idea it might be amusing to phone in false pighead scares to mosques all over the country, maybe on Friday right before prayer.

  5. No question mark. Typo.

    They’re not kidding. Blast those crazy SOBs to kingdom come. Cut off the head, let the desert reclaim its own.

  6. #1 Possibly a shipment from Iran to one or more of the Hezbollah strong holds in South America.

    #5 & 6 Iran means what they say when they call for the total destruction of Israel and the US, the Weekly Standard has an article about Obama planning to visit Iran in 2014.

    #9 I will once again repeat what a Nam vet Green Beret told me, always mine the positions held by your third world allies.

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