News links for Nov 30 2013 – 1

1. Women being trained as guerrilla fighters at Islamburg, Hancock NY.

2. Speaking of apes. One geneticist thinks all of mankind is the son of apes and pigs.

The human species began as the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee, a leading geneticist has suggested.

The startling claim has been made by Eugene McCarthy, of the University of Georgia, who is also one of the worlds leading authorities on hybridisation in animals.

3. Tanza-tards who threw acid at 2 UK teaching volunteers still at large. 

4. Dr. Andrew Bostom on the Iran deal:

5. Here is an article by Douglas Murray on how Iran has already betrayed the deal with Western ‘powers’



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  1. 3/ More victims of diseducation. A Muslim cesspit with a romantic name is still a Muslim cesspit. They probably got their ideas about Zanzibar from a BBC documentary about Stone Town and the nutmeg industry.

  2. Norway capital sees rising number of women in niqabs

    The trend of wearing the religious garment, a black veil that covers a woman head to toe, has apparently developed rapidly over the past two years.

    […]“A new generation of Muslims is entering Norwegian society at full speed, and some of them choose a more Salafist Islam, a strict and literal interpretation of Islamic injunctions and prohibitions,”

    According to Aftenposten, a vast majority of the dozen fabric shops in Oslo’s Grønland have experienced an increased turnover in niqab sales.

    […]At the same time, Muslims and experts who did respond to enquiries believe that the niqab trend is due an identity quest, a need for attention, youthful idealism, or reaction to the injustice in the world and Western politics’ presence in the Muslim world.

    more on the page :

  3. USA – St-Paul MN – At University of St. Thomas, Catholics and Muslims find common ground

    For the first time in its 128-year history, the University of St. Thomas has its own Islamic prayer rooms, as well as ritual washing stations for observant Muslims.

    The contingent from Saudi Arabia alone has jumped tenfold, from 12 students in 2008 to 121 this fall, and officials say they’re now the largest bloc of foreign students at the university.

    “In a Catholic university, faith is pretty important in general,” she said. “Our Muslim students feel that they can have their faith valued here as well, and be respected.”

    So this year, school officials decided to renovate space in Loras Hall, a century-old office building that used to be part of the seminary, and install separate wash stations in the men’s and women’s restrooms, at a cost of about $60,000. Known as “Wudu” stations, they have stools and faucets designed to make it easy to wash both hands and feet.

    Asked if she could imagine a Saudi university doing the same for visiting Christians, she replied: “Not in your wildest dreams. Sorry to say, but that’s the truth. That’s reality. There is no other faith, other than Islam, that’s practiced in Saudi Arabia.”

    pics on the page :

  4. #2, guy is a crack-pot, or a recent convert to Islam. As for his things like “thick eye lashes” and “a thick layer of subcutaneous fat”, its not unique to pigs. Lions have thick eye lashes as well and my old cat was shaped like a plump sausage with toothpicks for legs. Maybe felidae instead? Reminds me of the other theory that proposed that humans evolved by swimming. Lots of compelling physiological evidence, but at the end of the day the genetic studies showed it was false. Similar genetic study would show this to be hogwash as well.

    #4 & #5, think its time the local drug store started stocking SPF 10,000,000. Gonna be a hot summer with Obama’s latest deal.

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