News links for Nov 29 2013 – 1

1. Israel: Iran deal a failure, says ex-national security chief

2. French court upholds sacking of veiled worker

An appeal court in France upheld on Wednesday the decision by a Paris nursery school to sack an assistant who refused to take off her veil at work. The decision comes as France’s ban on wearing the full face veil in public goes before the European Court of Human Rights.

3. Syria: Christian MP says children targeted

Some 11,000 children have already died in the conflict, but the Syrian deputy Maria Saadeh – in Rome to meet with Pope Francis and raise awareness in the West about ”what is really happening in Syria” – said they have now become a target for Al-Qaeda-linked and jihadist groups fighting to overthrow the Damascus regime.

4. Islam: Paris opens new mosque in Goutte-d’Or

(ANSAmed) – PARIS, NOVEMBER 28 – A new mosque was inaugurated Thursday in Paris’s Goutte-d’Or neighborhood, just below Montmartre. The ‘Islamic Institute of Culture’ will include two prayer halls, a cafe, hammam and spa, as well as spaces for concerts, exhibitions and theater performances and classrooms for dance, music, cookery and theater classes.

5. Golden Dawn popularity undented by crackdown 

6. 20 GOP lawmakers, led by Rep. Pete Olson(R-Texas), officially introduced Articles of Impeachment last week against Eric “My People” Holder

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  1. 4l What kind of music, theatre and dance goes on at these multi-mosques? Is it all ‘multiethnic,’ or is the idea to suck children in with French folk dancing classes that come bundled with lessons in how to pray like your nice Muslim neighbors?

  2. Holy delusions, Batman!

    French court upholds sacking of veiled worker (thelocal, Nov 28, 2013)
    “A French court has made legal history by ordering a prison to offer halal meals to its Muslim inmates, saying that France’s traditional secularism “guarantees the free exercise of religion,” it was reported this week. The administrative tribunal in the southern city of Grenoble has ordered the nearby prison at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier to provide its Muslim inmates with halal meals, according to French media reports this week. The ruling is a legal landmark in France, being the first time a judicial institution has held that the country’s correctional system is obliged to pay for food that complies with religious rites…”

  3. LONDON -UK – Idara-e-Jaaferiya Mosque in Tooting shuts after internal feud

    A Shia mosque has been closed following a feud between worshippers and the committee running it. It is the first time Idara-e-Jaaferiya, in Church Lane, Tooting, has been shut since it first opened in the 1970s.

    A feud has been on-going for several years between the mosque committee and worshippers who want other members to operate the mosque.

    Police were present at the Ashura celebration on November 14 to keep the peace between the factions.

    Akhtar Shah, chairman of the Balham and Tooting Community Association and a member of the mosque, said the committee has not been popular over the last two to three years.

    He said: “There has been a dispute on-going between the committee and the worshippers. The worshippers are making accusations against the committee.

    “The committee has taken the extreme view of shutting the mosque down.”

    Inspector Dave Waghorn said: “Police were there because of Ashura day, there was an internal friction between the congregation and the committee. An internal dispute in the mosque.

    “There were a few raised voices and a slight bit of pushing and shoving.”

    video : Ashura ritual inside the mosque Nov 14th 2013

  4. LONDON -UK – Idara-e-Jaaferiya Mosque in Tooting shuts after internal feud ( 2)

    VIDEO Nov 28th 2013 now the Shias perform their rituals on the street in front of the mosque

  5. EGYPT – CAIRO – Clashes in Egypt as Islamists defy government’s anti-protest law

    The Egyptian government has attempted to crack down on the weekly protests staged by the Muslim Brotherhood, which backs ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The rallies, which use Friday’s Muslim prayers as a key time to organize protesters, have frequently resulted in clashes with security forces.

  6. #5 Given what is happening in Greece I expect the crackdown to be a great recruiting tool for Golden Dawn, especially if many of the police have joined.

    #6 Something needs to be done about Holder and his illegal actions, however I doubt if the establishment Republicans will vote to do anything to him.

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