Iran, the bomb and the deal. Part II

A reader was thoughtful enough to watch part 2 of the lecture of which I posted the first part yesterday. He points out that at about 23:45 of this part of the lecture he says what needs knowing and confirms some of my musings and thoughts on this matter. Specifically, once you reach 20% enrichment, you are 90% of the way to 90% enrichment as its a non linear process and once you get up to that concentration, 20%, getting the rest of the way to weapons grade is fast and easy. Thank you ML for finding this for us.

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  1. In other words the deal Obama and Kerry worked out lets Iran make enough fissile material to establish the assembly line. When they think they have enough weapons and launchers to create the hell on earth that is required to bring back the Mahdi they will launch and all of the fools who are talking containment will be wondering why the Iranians launched instead of just engaging in an arms race.

  2. Richard, you’re right of course. Villainous of me to even suggest it. And as everyone knows, torture doesn’t work. A better strategy would be to invite AQ Khan to an EU non-proliferation conference in Brussels and ply him with drinks until he talks.

  3. Actually it works almost every time, all you have to do is prove to the person that you can check what he is saying and will torture him worse if he lies. This is the fact that people don’t want to admit, but as I said the West doesn’t believe in torture, and they have banned several techniques that played mind games on the people causing them to talk.

    I don’t like the idea of torture but will accept that there are times when it should be used.

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