News links for Nov 28 2013 – 2

1. Egypt jails girls over pro-Morsi demonstration

2. BBC does radio segment on group of ex-muslims that meet monthly in the UK 

(You can hear the spokesman for the Quilliam Foundation fail to mention abrogation when it comes to apostasy. A critical omission)

(This is important. Unlike antisemitism or genuine racism, people who leave islam and embrace reason and classical liberalism or a reasonable facsimile are genuinely welcomed by the mis-named ‘islamophobes’. People who hate Jews or racial groups make no distinction on ideology, behavior or beliefs as a general rule. People who do not like Islam are therefore no more racist than those who fought Nazis or communists)

3. Oppressed Hindus from Bangladesh asked for a congressional committee hearing to make known their victimization by Islamists.  They got their hearing, but they were not given a chance to speak; instead, Islamists took over.

4. Nigeria’s Plateau state hit by deadly attack

It lies on the fault line between Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north and mostly Christian and animist south.

5. Auditor-General report finds ‘high-risk individuals’ slipped into Canada because of insufficient border controls

(I may have posted this before. Apologies if I did.)

6. Canada publicly funded mouthpiece CBC: Radio-Canada Ombudsman Annual Report: There Exists “Real Problems in Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

7. Sweden: Police worried over youth attitudes to rape

he number of people convicted of rape has increased by a third since 2003, and the Stockholm police also said Wednesday that the cases were becoming more brutal with the boundaries changing among teenagers over what is and is not acceptable.

8. Some Christmas wishes from some of our favorite Fairy Elf tards

9. Al Qaeda militants filmed executing rival Syrian rebel faction as the Islamists seeks to marginalise other groups

– Seven men filmed kneeling on the ground before being shot in the head
– Executions carried out by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
– Group targeting more moderate rebel groups in civil war with Assad forces

Al Qaeda militants have been filmed executing seven men from a rival rebel Syrian faction as part of a campaign to marginalise other moderate groups in the civil war.

After executing rival rebel groups the bodies are thrown on trash heaps.

Thank you M, Fjordman and all. There will be more today.


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2 Replies to “News links for Nov 28 2013 – 2”

  1. MEGA Mosque to be a state-of-the-art landmark in Oakville, ONTARIO

    New mosque could be largest in Ontario, while facility will house amenities to be open to the community

    Officials with World Islamic Mission (WIM) Canada say their planned Islamic Centre will be big — and will dramatically change the landscape of one of the eastern gateways to Oakville.

    They believe what they’re about to build on Ninth Line south of Dundas Street West will also be an “architect landmark” and a “state-of-the art” project for the town.

    “We are building a landmark project, a majestic project that all of us in Oakville will be proud of,” said Mohamed Farouk, who heads the construction team for the new Masjid Noor-UL-Haram.

    “Not only Muslims, but all people, will look at this architecturally-beautiful building and say, ‘Wow.’ It will add to and enhance the landscape of Oakville.”

    […]Eventually, the three-storey centre, which includes a 21-metre high mosque dome, 4 minaret towers rising 30 metres (100 feet), two full-size gymnasiums, dressing rooms and meeting rooms, will rise on the 11 acres of land

    […] The location was chosen because of a rapidly increasing Muslim population in Oakville/Mississauga. Proximity to Hwy. 403 means it’s accessible to Muslims living in the western part of Greater Toronto as well as Brampton and Burlington.

    “At the end of the day, we are building a majestic project. Just visualize what you will see when you get off Hwy. 403 and drive towards Oakville,” Ruhomaun said. “It will be an inviting structure to the town of Oakville. Everybody will benefit from this.”

  2. #7 The left worked hard to destroy the traditional morality and replaced it with if it feels good do it, things like this are the result.

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