News links for Nov 18 2013 – 3

1. More protests over grade 10 history text book that seems little more than dawa (islamic proselytization) and fictional pro-islamic history. Article here: Democrats accuse those who oppose this fiction of bigotry and the usual canards. Republicans want the book banned.

2. Nothing fascist about this at all. Nope. Nothing totalitarian or obscenely intrusive whatsoever. 

3. American Jihadi brags about installing Islam world wide, threatens to kill anyone who gets in his way, then gets killed and stinks up Iraq. This video was originally here, and I moved it in order to subtitle it as I couldn’t hear him clearly over the tard-wailing.

4. Burqa-donning teens attack, rob woman 9 months pregnant

More here

5. Swedes upset at racist Finnish dessert. (Of course, it was never meant to be racist anymore than Jewish ‘Hamantash‘ was meant to insult Euclid for failing to be a perfect Isosceles)

6. In a report to the Security Council, Mr Ban said violence in the CAR “threatens to degenerate into a countrywide religious and ethnic divide, with the potential to spiral into an uncontrollable situation”.

7. Egypt security official investigating Brotherhood shot

An Egyptian security official reportedly involved in the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood has been killed.

Mohammed Mabruk, a lieutenant colonel in the interior ministry’s National Security Agency, was shot dead by gunmen outside his home late on Sunday.

Security officials said he had been in charge of monitoring the Brotherhood and was responsible for the arrests of many members of the Islamist movement.

Thank you Fjordman, M, Wrath of Khan, and all the people who helped with links today. I apologize if I missed anyone.

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