News links for Nov 12 2013 – 1

1. ‘Nazi-Style’ rally held on campus of Palestinian partner school


Brandeis University is facing criticism from students and faculty members after refusing to distance itself from an event recently held on the campus of its Palestinian partner school that critics decried as a “Nazi-style” rally.

Brandeis, the nation’s most well known Jewish university, partners with the Palestinian Al Quds University, where students held a military rally on Tuesday of last week.

Groups of Al Quds students dressed in black military gear and armed with fake automatic weapons marched on the school’s campus while waving flags and raising the traditional Nazi salute, according to pictures first posted by Middle East analyst Tom Gross.

2. Mahayana Buddhist monks protest the OIC visit in Burma

 Hundreds of Buddhists marched through the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city on Tuesday to protest an upcoming visit by a high-level delegation from the world’s biggest Islamic political bloc.

Some of those who marched in Yangon carried banners saying “Get out!” and “Stop interfering in our internal affairs!”

(they know something we seem not to. That the OIC is a repugnant and seditious organization determined to utterly destroy the right of autonomous self rule of all non-muslim people)

3. Speaking of Burma, Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner is falling from grace with Western supporters. Bare Naked Islam puts it this way.

4. More black-on-white murder in the US being played down by regular media.

(A strong case could be made that the greater crime is selective reporting of serious issues by large media)

5. France’s socialist president is enjoying a similar popularity to America’s socialist president. 

Thank you M, Fjordman and many others who sent in material.

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  1. #1

    However, Brandeis spokesman Bill Schaller repeatedly declined comment after the Free Beacon presented him with pictures and articles about the rally.

    “We have no comment,” Schaller told the Free Beacon on multiple occasions.


    This is a gimme. Whoever is in charge of the school approves of the Palestinian rally or is in fear. Either way they need to be replaced.

  2. The race war is in full attack mode, trouble is only the blacks are doing the attacking, the whites are mainly ignorant about the current war.

  3. Luton man finds himself multiculatally enriched when stabbed in his house in Tommy Robinsons rainbow home town Luton.
    UK.Sky news gives the “media code” (as they did for Lee Rigby) “this is a very Rare occurrence” This code is used across all TV news media in the UK to qualify the obvious conclusion that this might be an attack by one racial group on another.The wording is always the same therefore it has either been sanctioned for the media by government or senior media sources on a national level.

    Father stabbed by burglars in front of wife and daughter after catching them raiding his house

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