News links for Nov 11 2013 – 3

1. How British and American aid subsidises Palestinian terrorism

(And from the Guardian!)

2. New video emerges of man in Syria claiming to be Australia’s first suicide bomber

3. Charles Darwin to receive apology from the Church of England for rejecting evolution

(The CoE seems to be catching up to the Vatican position on this)

4. Australia: Cabinet ministers have decided to reject any measures of “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”

5. Polish nationalists attack Russian embassy during Independence Day march

(Aren’t they a few decades late? Russia is the most ‘Western’ place on earth today it seems. It looks like it was a ‘black-block action however)

6. Saudis seem to be going on a rape and beating spree of Ethiopians, whether they are legal or not in the KSA. Think Obama will talk about how any one of those vics could be a relative of his?

6b. In this video at Facebook, the Saudi mob has killed an Ethiopian man. It is hard to tell exactly what they are doing in this video, examining the corpse or further damaging it, but here is some more horror by the most Islamic nation on earth.

6c. Here Saudis are dragging Ethiopians from their homes and beating them.

6d. Here is a petition to stop the beating of Ethiopians by Saudis. Careful signing it though. You wouldn’t want the US government to label you an extremist cause you believe in the individual right not to be beaten.

This is alleged to be Saudi Police beating tied up Ethiopians.


Thank you Fjordman, KitmanTV, everyone who sent in material. I am sorry if I forgot anyone on this one.

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  1. Expected… Doing exactly what they indicated they would be doing – buying time.

    Iran blames Western powers for nuclear talks failure (BBC, Nov 12, 2013)
    “Iran’s foreign minister has blamed divisions between Western powers for the failure to agree a deal on its nuclear programme on Saturday.

    Mohammad Javad Zarif rejected US Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that Iran had been unable to accept the deal “at that particular moment”.

    He said “no amount of spinning” could change what had happened in Geneva, but it could “further erode confidence”.

    Mr Zarif appeared to blame France for “gutting over half” of a US draft deal.

    Representatives from Iran and the so-called P5+1 – the US, UK, France, Russia and China plus Germany – will meet again on 20 November…”

  2. Would you expect anything else? Hardly.

    Egypt ‘worst for women’ out of 22 countries in Arab world (BBC, Nov 12, 2013)
    “Egypt is now the worst country for women’s rights in the Arab world, according to a poll of gender experts.

    The study found sexual harassment, high rates of female genital mutilation and a growth in conservative Islamist groups contributed to the low ranking.

    The Comoros islands came top in the survey, which was conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    The poll surveyed more than 330 gender experts in 21 Arab League states as well as Syria.

    It is the foundation’s third annual study focusing on women’s rights since the Arab Uprisings in 2011.
    ‘Everyday harassment’

    Iraq ranked second-worst after Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen….”

  3. 6/ It’s a bit of a stretch that the government wants to get rid of Ethiopians in order to free up jobs for Saudis. Saudis don’t do those jobs.

    VOA and other reports suggest that many of the Ethiopians in the news either entered Saudi Arabia illegally or skipped out after Haj and overstayed, and so were unable to register for residence permits during the 7-month amnesty. That sounds like it could be true, and those are reasonable, even prudent grounds for deporting them. But no doubt many cases involve crooked Saudi sponsors and so on. And the police aren’t going to take measured and humane action against migrants they regard as sub-human in any case.

  4. 5) Hmm – what could be better for the regime than hooligans turning wilde in front of the Russian embassy?

    History is a battlefield and from my German view I see marxists winning all over the place. The discussion of Diana West’s “American Betrayal” shows us that even Americans are fed with lies.

  5. Buddhists in Myanmar protest upcoming visit by Islamic political bloc

    Hundreds of Buddhists marched through the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city on Tuesday to protest an upcoming visit by a high-level delegation from the world’s biggest Islamic political bloc.

    Some of those who marched in Yangon carried banners saying “Get out!” and “Stop interfering in our internal affairs!”

    Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and several ministers from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a grouping of 57 Islamic countries, will arrive in Myanmar on Wednesday to talk with government officials about sectarian violence that has gripped the predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million for more than a year.

  6. IRAQ RUMAILA OIL FIELD (Reuters) – Dozens of angry Shi’ite Muslim workers and tribesmen stormed a Schlumberger Ltd camp at one of Iraq’s main oilfields and wrecked offices early on Monday after accusing a foreign security adviser of insulting their religion, police and employees at the field said.

    Oil officials and workers at the Schlumberger drilling site in Rumaila North said the problem started when a security adviser they identified as British asked Iraqi workers to take down a flag and banners depicting a figure revered by Shi’ites.

    According to workers and officials, when the workers refused to remove the banners, the security adviser went to do so himself and tore one portraying Imam Hussein, whose death more than 1,000 years ago is currently being commemorated by Shi’ites across the world in rituals known as Ashura.

    The protestors smashed up offices and severely beat the foreign security adviser, oil officials and workers said. A photograph taken by a worker at the scene showed a man with blood streaming down his face. He said it was the adviser. Security officials said the man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

    Police and the army intervened to restore order and expelled the protesters from the site.

    more on the page :

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