News links for Nov. 7 2013 – 1

1. Video on Al-Qeada’s brand of rule in Syrian town. (Last month we subtitled a video from 2 French journalists showing how sharia courts are implemented. For those who have not seen it, please consider doing so)

2. Hamas is Brainwashing Youngsters – It’s in the NY Times

(I find the New York Times to be so dishonest and duplicitous that I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not)

For the first time ever, the New York Times had a front page story about how Hamas is brainwashing its high school students into hating Israel by having them read textbooks with false, defamatory, and one-sided narratives.

According to Fares Akram and Jodi Rudoren, “The books used by 55,000 (Palestinian) children in eighth to tenth grade do not recognize modern Israel or mention the Oslo Peace Accords.

3. BREAKING NEWS: Cops seize suspicious package and arrest a man outside Quebec’s national assembly

QUEBEC – Police have arrested one man with a suspicious package just outside the national assembly in Quebec City.

It is not immediately known whether the incident is related to this morning’s tabling of the bill on Quebec’s charter of values.

Provincial police set up a perimeter and are analyzing the package.

(No photos or video available yet in order to protect the guilty and the motivating ideology)

4. GAZA Nov 6th 2013 -Scenes yesterday afternoon from a “moderate” Palestinian university

5. Copts: Ousted President Morsi sought terrorist support

Judges at the up-coming trial of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will be presented with tapes proving that he held secret negotiations with al-Qaeda leader Aymen al-Zawahiri and promised to turn Egypt into a sharia state, says Coptic website.

As reported by the normally well-informed website Voice of the Copts, recordings of phone conversations between now deposed President Mohammed Morsi and the al-Qaeda top leader Aymen al-Zawahiri prove that Morsi sought al-Qaeda support.

Thank you Phillis Chesler, M, Golem Bar and everyone who I might have lost track of on this post.

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  1. 2. There has been a very large upsurge of antisemitism. It is like all world problems are caused by jews or some odd thing. The western main stream media is slow at responding or reluctant at responding. This is my opinion. I can not wait until they are no longer called main stream.

  2. PLEASE: Does anybody know this specific martyr-style music?
    It’s something specific, but parts of it have been woven into longer martyr-ballads. Are there discrete songs that have been used this way, say w/in the last year?

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