What happens when governments fail to take reasonable measures to protect a host population from aggressive intruders?

And this is how what might be called, ‘the Hayekian process‘ takes place. A population feels that insurmountable problems are not being taken seriously by representative government. Problems such as economic disaster or aggressive attacks by a foreign culture, and people will look to a strong man to solve it for them. In most cases, the strong man solution is as bad as the disease but much much faster. Still, at least it ends.


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5 Replies to “What happens when governments fail to take reasonable measures to protect a host population from aggressive intruders?”

  1. …..welcome to the World, it’s a Global problem, and it will grow into a BIGGER PROBLEM if nothing is done about it.

  2. What is happening if Russia is a forerunner for what is going to happen in all of the west, if not all of the world. The left has spent so much time and effort to destroy all patriotism and love of country but in hard economic times it is almost impossible for people not to circle around the flag and support their nation and people at the expense of all immigrants. The unintended consequence of the lefts actions are going to be a massive increase in nationalism and a war that will make WWII look small.

  3. eddie lutz
    “Refreshing” ? Seriously ? These “young white people” stand up for their primary (if not the only) fundamental value – “whiteness”. Most likely they know next to nothing about culture and civilization.

    “The Left” focuses on promoting patriotism in “leftist” countries. But if you are a patriot and you love your country, how exactly can “the Left” destroy your patriotism ? Even if some hardcore commies come to power in your country and force you to emigrate, will you stop being an anticommunist patriot in exile ?

    Now, look. After the collapse of the USSR in the 90-s, Russian economy was in ruins, huge numbers of people chose to emigrate wherever they could, organized crime was everywhere. Muzzie criminal gangs and terrorist groups of Saudi-sponsored fanatics grew like mushrooms, the war in Chechnya was a nightmare for everybody. Nationalistic groups weren’t exactly popular.
    Now Russian economy is (more or less) stable and (slowly) growing again. And nationalism is on the rise !

  4. The real problem no matter where they migrate to they (i.e. the followers of the teachings of the prophet)always want it their way or it’s no way. ‘They refuse to assimilate, and act superior to the citizens of the host country. Much of the blame is on the bleeding heart libs and the butt kissing political class who are bending over backwards to accommodate them.

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