News links for Nov 2 2013 – 1

1. Pro-Morsi protests aim to shake Egypt: President Mansour

The Brotherhood has been active recently on university campuses, staging daily “anti-coup” student protests, some escalating into violent clashes. On Wednesday, police stormed Al-Azhar University campus in Cairo to disperse student protests.

2. Is Obama trying to emasculate the US Marines?

3. China: Muslims who carried out Tiananmen Square jihad car bombing swore to join jihad and visited Square thrice before attack

4. Maidstone prisoners in ‘incident’

(Very mysterious!)

5. Israel ‘furious’ with White House for leak on Syria strike

(With friends like the US…)

Thank you UK Pete, Richard, M, and Fjordman, Golem Bar and all

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  1. #2 Obama is out to emasculate the entire US military, that is one reason he is purging so many flag officers.
    I hadn’t thought about it but the hat is reminiscent of the one the Foreign Legion use to wear.

    #5 Obama is helping the brotherhood and Iran all he can, if he thought he would be obeyed he would order air strikes on Israel.

  2. Razor wire on fence dividing Melilla from Morocco condemned as inhumane

    Human rights activists criticise move to reintroduce razor-sharp barbed wire to border and say it seriously injures migrants

    The controversial barbed wire, which was erected this week, was first introduced in 2005 but had mostly been removed from the top of the fence after causing serious injuries to migrants as they tried to cross the border.

    The fence that divides Morocco from Melilla has become a focal point for immigration from sub-Saharan Africa. In September this year, hundreds of men descended from the mountains on the Moroccan side to storm the fence, using their great weight of numbers to avoid the Spanish police patrolling the border. Many were arrested, but scores made it over into Melilla.

  3. #5 What an appalling provocation.
    Everyone knows better than to finger the Israelis directly. Who starts pee-ing contests gratuitously? Why rub Assad’s face in the backwash of Israeli rocket fuel?

    Everybody plays this game – maybe Turkey guided whoever to wherever – any nonsense to diminish the “loss of face” pressure to retaliate. It’s called _plausible deniability_.

    Does Obama even have a strategy here?

  4. Deadly bread!

    Deadly bread: Food line dispute in Egypt ends with nine killed (WT, Nov 2, 2013)
    “Security officials in Egypt say a fight between two families sparked by a dispute in a line to buy bread has killed nine people.

    The officials said Saturday the feud began a month earlier in a town in the southern governorate of Assiut when a member of the Shaibaa tribe was killed in a fight over who was first in line to buy bread. Four members of the rival family were charged over the killing.

    After a court hearing Saturday, officials say members of the Shaibaa pursued the defendants’ relatives, killing two and their driver. The officials say the bereaved relatives then went to the house of the Shaibaa and killed six.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

    Revenge killings are common in southern Egypt.”

  5. Yucki Obama has a strategy here, it is to destroy Israel and Western Civilization. I know this sounds paranoid but look at his actions, they will tell you a lot more then his words.

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