Documentary on Tommy Robinson quitting the EDL.

I have watched exactly one minute thirty seconds of this out of 43 minutes. So I have no idea at all if its worth anyone’s time. I only post it because the question at 1:15 is interesting. “Is this a new Tommy Robinson or just a change of tactics?”

UPDATE: At 38 minutes you get to hear Mo squirm when asked about his views on sharia punishments. I hope enough people make it that far to see what muslims think of as moderate and miscible with Western values.

The question we all have of course. I wonder how they answer it.

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11 Replies to “Documentary on Tommy Robinson quitting the EDL.”

  1. Mo strikes me as pure Taqiya. He did himself no favours in the mosque when he explained to Tommy that woman are kept separate as men would be attracted to them while praying…..well done Mo ! That just gained us more support in the counter jihad.
    As for Tommy well done with some reservations……still don’t trust the quilliam guys.

  2. The ex Hiz but Tarir fellow is running for office as a Labour MP for Highgate. It’s crazy.

    Tommy is obviously angling for a seat in Parliament.

    One other thing, the Koran can be reformed. The Bible in Christianity has different translations and different books. However the Muslims are going to have to be deported. You saw that in the face of the Quilliam headscarf girl. She hates Whites. She’s anti white.

  3. WGAF. Talking to these Muslim primitives is a complete waste of time and effort, with no benefit whatsoever to man nor beast. And, no matter whether or not TR is trying to be terribly clever, to anybody with two neurones to rub together it must have been long apparent that there is only one way to deal with Islam, and debating with it is the not that way. If we don’t understand what they are by now, and what must be done to neutralise them, then we are well and truly stuffed.

  4. 06:36
    Mo: ‘If an Englishman throws a bottle, is it right to blame all Englishmen? It’s just a yes or no answer.’
    Tommy: ‘It they had a book that said throw bottles – yes’.

    The Muslim brain , like the BBC Socialist brain, cannot think clearly. They have so many taboos to step around, they come up with fallacies and comparisons they make up.

    BBC: “Islamic Extremists”.

    Reality: Islamic Fundamentalists. The book makes them do it.

    This country of half-brains is doomed to failure and then to blame someone else.

  5. Hello there……….its me again…….Don Laird….

    That we should take all that has made us what we are, all that we have built, all that we have poured sweat and spilled blood to bring to fruition, all of our trials and tribulations, all that we hold sacred, all that we hold dear……..and now, standing on tip-toes reaching into the blackness of space, and touching the face of God, we seek the depths of our souls and in turn, the answers to age old questions of who are we, and where are we going………, in the face of all that we invite the lowest common denominator of humanity, the lowest common denominator from cultures around the world, cultures that have been a miserable and spectacular failure for centuries, we invite them, beg them, coax them, cajole them to wash up by the hundreds of thousands on our shores……and once here we cater to their every whim, we answer their every demand with fawning and immediate capitulation, we excuse their every crime, we ignore their every excess and we stand, wringing our hands awaiting their demands…..demands of outrageous entitlement and expectation based on nothing more than our cowardice and stupidity and little more than their ability to fog a mirror, the colour of their skin and their wombs in overdrive……..

    But…as if that we not enough, whilst our hands are being bit and faces drenched with their oft flung spittle, our deserved reward for extending them our generosity, our hospitality and kindness……… the midst of that….we hike our skirts and drop our pants and, bending over and spreading our cheeks wide, invite the sodomization of the entirety of our culture and country as barbarians and brooding savages smear the filth and excrement of a 7th century pedophile and lunatic on everything they deem “offensive”……..

    Blood running down our collective legs, we pull up our pants and before limping off into the sunset, the embers of all we built smoldering, we offer these vile animals a refreshing beverage for their labours…….

    Madness…..sheer lunacy and madness…….

    Enoch Powell was right….so very bloody right…….what a hearty laugh he must been having now….

    And still…..even now there are those who stand screaming warnings and pointing at the oncoming train of cultural suicide we are so eagerly committing……….

    I have always said there are unpleasant but very necessary solution to our problems…..beginning with identification of Muslims and a course of vigorous selective and large scale deportation.

    I have walked this line rigidly for several years and now, as we plod on, it becomes evident that I am right.

    As for Tommy Robinson, he is little more than a spineless lunatic, look not for a secret strategy or wily tactician, look to him as a licker of Muslim ass and boots who prefers the comfort of his captors laps to the rigors of defending his nation.

    I have said before and will say again, this conflict will come to blood, and so it should as we have long since passed the point of no return, as we have long since passed the point of civilized debate and discourse.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. At first the music was making me want to vomit. But the sensation passed. Then a change came over me. After 20 minutes I no longer needed to watch further. I felt I had joined Mo and Tom on their journey, and I skipped to the end. “There is nothing more powerful than working together.” The long-hoped for bullet entered my brain. I loved Big Mother. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. The exile is ended.

  7. Whilst I think the EDL is counter-productive (but with generally the right message) and Tommy leaving is a good move, he has gone straight into the lion’s den.

    The Quilliam foundation is named after a Abdullah Quilliam, a 19th-century British convert to Islam who founded a mosque in Liverpool. He was a supporter of the Caliphate and would be a poster boy for Islamic extremism today almost anywhere. It is also funded by the Government strangely enough so therefore is not independent. Tommy is either extremely ignorant, is about to expose self-proclaimed Muslim moderates (who simply support stealth Jihad) or has actually gone over to them. In any case he can be written off as an enabler until proven otherwise.

    I think if truly moderate and reform minded Muslims want to start a foundation to combat extremism they would call it the Tareq Fatah organisation, the Irshad Manji club or something like that.

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