News links for Oct. 28 2013 – 1

1. Man arrested at Quebec airport with suspicious powder in his luggage. Police are saying pretty much nothing about it. But it smacks a little of islamic terror.

2. If you think you are safe from being raped in the UK just because you are a man...

3. Turns out the jihadi mural in Toronto is correct. Toronto city council has made it a prophesy fulfilled. 

4. Oh irony thy name is Russia.

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  1. #4 Well, he ought to know. Vladimir Putin used to be the head of the KGB, didn’t he? I’ll bet he knows exactly how Western civilization got so fucked up, doesn’t he, and I’ll bet he even knows the names of the KGB agents who did it to us. I’ll bet he knows exactly how guys like Howard Zinn and Norman Finkelstein and Gloria Steinem and Noam Chomsky got to be so such household names in the very countries they worked so tirelessly to undermine.

    But, in a funny way, doesn’t that make listening to what he says to his own people all that much more germane? Who, but one of the guys who created this politically correct nightmare would know how dangerous it is and how much it should be avoided? He’s telling his own people not to eat the poison meat that he personally put out for the enemy the night before. For God’s sake, listen to him!

  2. #3 Dhimmies pay jihadis to paint a giant sign forecasting jihadi victory over themselves and all other kuffar. Then they shield the jihadis from the mildest of rebukes by other kuffar, and the giant mocking sign predicting the impending defeat of dhimmi and non-dhimmi kuffar alike remains. A battle lost; I hope there is another to come on that street corner.

  3. Chris Jones – That puts it very clearly. I marveled, listening to him – Does Putin spend his evenings on the internet watching youtubes and reading the blogs? How he is so clear about all this? Right, that’s how.

  4. Humans really do ‘sex-for-God’. Wherever there is squalor and depravity, the God-full are abundantly reproducing. In an open Socialist prison therefore, humans need to be made to abandon their sense of awareness and shame. The females need to believe God will take care of it all, that they are having sex with the Savior’s Hope and Change for the future.

    No one said in 600 AD ‘the world is underpopulated!’

    With our knowledge and technology at that point in time, the world would be a paradise, and the sand-people never left the dunes.

    So like the Last Days Cult of St Paul where people stopped reproducing by celebrating celibacy as God’s-State-of-Being, (as these newly-realized-as non-perishable beings didn’t need to reproduce anymore), we now have a the Last Days hard-facts reality of humanity exhausting their resources. So naturally, intelligent people stop reproducing. They don’t want their children to suffer. Yet the Last-Days-Much-Later Cults, will continue as if nothing has happened. They have only so many intelligent babies they can steal from outside their inbreeding cult to raise to priesthood to keep them in their dream-state. The kidded elect a kidder.

    Russia needs human bodies on the ground to do the work and fight The Last Resources War. Technology is not enough. To tilt the brain ever-so-slightly to come up with the decision you want them to make as their own.

    Extremism is exactly that, a complete blindness. But Moderates – they are who you really want to own. They will let you carry out your plans unimpeded. For they will agree without the counter-intuition of absurdity – absurdity of course which is outlawed as a Hate Crime.

  5. CHINA – 5 dead after jeep crashes and catches fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square

    Beijing (CNN) — Five people are dead after a jeep plowed into a crowded part of Tiananmen Square and caught fire Monday, authorities said.

    The crash temporarily blocked off a busy area in the heart of the Chinese capital as rescuers and police rushed to the scene.

    Police said the crash happened around noon local time in front of the Tiananmen Rostrum, a structure that stands at the entrance to the Forbidden City bearing a giant portrait of Mao Zedong.

    The vehicle hit the guardrail of the Jinshui Bridge over the moat of the Forbidden City before it burst into flames, the state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

    Photographs circulating on social media showed a vehicle engulfed in flames in Tiananmen Square. CNN wasn’t immediately able to verify the authenticity of the images.

    Authorities moved quickly to tackle the blaze and clear up the scene. But the cause of the deadly crash remained unclear.

  6. Putin told us what the Soviets have done to us, now will anyone listen to him, not many since the lamestream media will ignore what he has said.

  7. Chris Jones , We don’t need Putin to tell us the KGBs part in our downfall. The warnings have been there for decades, and WE have chosen our current path. Just google in Frankfurt school or Yuri Bezmenov, and you will get a step by step blueprint of the path to our destruction. The Frankfurt school’s pamphlet has been around since at least the thirties, below is a link to a Bezmenov lecture THREE DECADES ago which he sets out the plan. NUMBER ONE on the list is the destruction of faith, and the destruction of culture, moral values, family, and everything that goes along with it. BUT WE REFUSE TO LISTEN, we’re too clever, logical, scientific, educated, enlightened, GROWN UP, to be taken in by all that mumbo jumbo. Funny, I can remember GB/US being much happier, safer, friendly, freer, united places,generally at peace with themselves when they WERE Christian countries, just a few short decades ago. Law abiding people actually appreciated and respected our police then, and they didn’t go around pointing assault rifles at citizen.s heads, or mowing down eleven year old kids playing with toy guns in those days.
    Russia has learned this lesson, after almost a century and oppression, and you can’t fault Putin for learning it along with them. He is now THE worlds leading statesman, and the Russian state and people are well on their way to achieving the cultural, social and financial stability that we once took for granted, before we became so clever
    They are casting off the cloak of misery and oppression as eagerly as we (collectively) are taking it up, and drawing it ever tightly around us. We are walking into this hell with OUR EYES WIDE OPEN, (and our ears and minds firmly closed)
    You will NEVER beat the liberal/islam alliance with logic or reasoned argument. Anyone who has tried with either group will tell you that they are impervious to both. ONLY a set of passionately held cultural and spiritual beliefs that you refuse to compromise and will defend to the death will stop this two headed monster. ‘SECULAR DEMOCRACY’ fit the bill? Hardly, that is the nag that we are riding now, and it is being used to cut the ground from underneath us. but we ARE enjoying ourselves (for now).
    here is the link to Bezmenov
    And here is a link to an article in Pravda about the Christian revival in Russia but it is well worth a read and the video is awesome

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