News links for Oct. 27 2013 – 2

1. Earlier today we posted video on the march by over ten thousand people in Montreal supporting the Quebec charter of secular values. There was a counter demonstration that seemed to be pretty much entirely of muslims. Story here in French, video below.

Susan K sent the following about the demo in support of the charter along with a link to this video:

It was cold and rainy.  Only a few thousand were expected to turn out.

We must all pay the price to get rid of islam on the march in our cultures.

My heart swells with pride at the numbers that turned out despite cold and rain. (at least 10,000)

2. 60 Minutes does a segment on the Benghazi debacle. Not a lot new in it, but its on a network that typically shields the Obama administration from any blowback from its actions.

3. How much did you say these things cost again?

4. Blazing Cat Fur link to the debate about covering your face in public in the UK.

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  1. Bob Woodward: ‘Secret government’ at the root of problems

    Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday a huge “secret government” and a government on “automatic pilot” has led to many of the concerns now making headlines.

    “They need to review this secret world,” he said of the Obama administration on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “You get to a point where it’s what do you worry about? Secret government.”

    National Security Agency spying both domestic and abroad and the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act are the results, he said.

    “We have an incredibly powerful government that gets on automatic pilot,” he said. People aren’t checking all of the boxes and the administration didn’t properly “practice” Obamacare.

  2. Eeyore, I don’t know if you’re interested in this, but it pisses me off that the media lie about everything.I’m talking about the great UK non storm. The media have been telling us that there will be hurricane force winds. Trees brought down, floods etc. Seeing that I am right in the middle of the danger zone and I have some rather large trees I’ve stayed up all night, and – hardly a breath of wind. There have been some storms along the south coast which aren’t unusual at this time of year, but NOTHING like the BBC are reporting. They are reporting hurricane force winds and a trail of destruction which obviously hasn’t happened because there has been no live video of the overnight storms. As I talk there is a reporter talking from the west country which was supposed to be one of the worst areas talking in- perfect calm. Why do they lie about EVERYTHING. This country has caused major disruption and cost millions of pounds cancelling trains and flights for a non existent threat. I understand the met office people are desperate for any extreme weather event to keep the climate change scam going and think they can wish it into existence, but why do the entire media go along with it and pretend it is happening as predicted ? The bbc have reported winds gusting up to 90mph, but that is at the needles, Isle of Wight which is virtually out to sea. A look at land based weather stations, including the south coast show nothing like it. Details here . The media, government agencies just lie about anything and everything. The truth is what they want it to be. We can’t trust a word they say ! As I say, there have been SOME storms, but nothing out of the ordinary for the time of year, and certainly nothing that warrants shutting down half the country.

  3. #4 It was painful getting to get to the end of that.

    Dalek 7: “We understand the British culture, but do you really understand the Islamic culture?”

    These are two cultures with equal validity and equal rights. Except that Islamic culture in Britain is 50% more valid, because it is British as well as Islamic.

    “I was born in this country. I love this country.”

    “We accommodate religious expression in this country.”

    It is a fundamental human right to wear a veil; Muslim human rights are being abused.

    The (non-Muslim) British have lost the debate already, if they are going to have it on these terms.

  4. Phil-
    maybe they wanted to shut down the region for a reason other than weather? to “shelter in place” as they phrase it these days.

    Say there’s a monster terror alert. For some reason they can’t let the circumstances get out. Maybe it involves somebody too important to be identified. Or maybe it would panic some SENSITIVE community. Maybe it’s just a drill for first responders, no need to stir up the sheep. Or anything along those lines.

    So they get you to batten the hatches, shut you down, no one’s the wiser.

  5. Or, it could be that they make these announcements and its data points toward policy changes for global warming BS even though the predictions didn’t happen. People will just remember the news reports of it. Or, it could be that there was a 10% chance of this and they didn;t want another New Orleans so they figured its better to exaggerate the danger and nothing happens instead of not saying anything and having lots of dead and injured, in a kind of ‘Pascal’s Wager’ which was also BS by the way. In fact the entire Global Warming nonsense is Pascal’s wager. That is supposed to be their silver bullet against detractors.

    This is what we get for not teaching logic and reason in schools I guess.

  6. #3, the failure was caused by the braking system failing. Typically these have dynamic or rotor type brakes in them to limit the max RPM. If they overheat and/or fail, the turbine will overspeed and grenade. Feathering the blades using a planetary set like an airplane would make more sense, but the size may prohibit use of a planet set in the hub of the blade-set.

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