News links for Oct. 24 2013 – 1

1. Pensioner jailed for 13 years for raping deaf and mute girl he kept in his cellar after he trafficked her to the UK from Pakistan and used as a slave

  • Ilyas Ashar sexually abused victim from moment he brought her into UK
  • He has been jailed for 13 years after being convicted of 13 counts of rape
  • Ashar was also convicted of two trafficking counts at an earlier hearing
  • His wife Tallat Ashar has also been jailed for five years today
  • They were told they consigned victim to life of ‘misery and degradation’
  • Victim was also used to steal more than £30,000 in benefits

2. Toronto transport bans anti-Israel adverts: campaign aimed to show shrinking Palestinian lands

3. Norwegian spies tried to stop mall massacre gunman from travelling to Somalia THREE YEARS ago after discovering his jihadi beliefs. ( I have to ask. Why?)

4. Facebook lets beheading clips return to social network

Before you dismiss the above article, please think about who you know that has had their Facebook accounts deleted for content. Recently, Ban Islam was removed as well as several comments and posters who commented on the removal of Ban Islam. So mustards can post their videos of decapitating people for the purpose of establishing their system as supreme, but people who criticize that are banned from the #1 social media site.

Methinkst the revolution draws near.

5. Greenpeace activists still face long prison sentence after change of charges

Greenpeace said that the new charges of hooliganism change nothing and that the organisation will continue in its quest to free 30 activists

(I still think Greenpeace should be charged with crimes against humanity for the starvation and death they caused in Zambia for talking the government there into refusing a gift of GMO foods that would have fed their hungry people during a famine)

6. Algerian troops find huge arms cache on Libyan border

Oct 24 (Reuters) – Algerian troops have discovered a huge cache of weapons near the border with Libya, including surface-to-air missiles, rockets and landmines, an Algerian security source said on Thursday.

Thank you UK Pete, EDL Buck, M, Fjordman and all who sent in material.

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  1. Al Jazeera America to air on Time Warner Cable

    Al Jazeera America, the recently launched cable news channel funded by the government of Qatar, is entering millions of more households in the U.S.

    Time Warner Cable, the second largest U.S. cable TV provider, said Thursday it has agreed to carry Al Jazeera America in its lineup in the coming months, a distribution deal that the upstart network has sought for months.

    Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

    […]AJAM will also be available to customers of Bright House Networks, a cable operator whose carriage contracts are negotiated by TWC.

    “We appreciate the vote of confidence that Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks have given to our brand of unbiased journalism and look forward to working with them as Al Jazeera America continues to grow,” said Ehab Al Shihabi, Al Jazeera America’s interim CEO, in a statement.

  2. How is that a 70 year old pensioner can bring an a 10 year old?

    Do adoption agencies normally place children with a couple in their 70s?

    Or did they get forged documents saying that she was their granddaughter and they were her legal guardians because her parents had passed on?

  3. Saudi reiterates warning against women trying to defy driving ban

    The Saudi interior ministry repeated on Thursday its warning against activists attempting to defy a de facto ban on women driving.

    Interior Ministry Spokesman General Mansur al-Turki told Al Arabiya that “women driving inside the kingdom is completely banned.”

    The ministry on Wednesday warned against “disturbing social peace” ahead of the “October 26 driving” campaign, which urged Saudis to put its logo on their cars and called upon women with international driving licenses to get behind the wheel that day.

    While the ministry said it will “enforce the law against all the violators with firmness and force,” activists explained the warning differently.

  4. Tunisia ruling Islamist party’s office in Kef torched

    Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party office in the town of Kef was torched by angry protesters on Thursday, an AFP photographer reported, amid a main opposition party ruling out talks without the government promising to step down.

    The walls of the building were burned and equipment inside it destroyed, with witnesses saying that protesters had ransacked the office in the morning.

    The remains of charred documents and tires were strewn in the road outside the building, occupied on the second floor by the ruling Ennahda movement.

    The office is located just meters from the family home of one of six policemen killed on Wednesday in a firefight with suspected jihadists.

  5. 4/ Facebook hardly bothers to make a case for its decision. “People are sharing this video on Facebook to condemn it. If the video were being celebrated, or the actions in it encouraged, our approach would be different.” They can’t possibly know how many people are silently celebrating, or sharing their satisfaction on other media.

    “some people object to graphic video of this nature…”

    SOME people?

  6. Greenpeace was allowed to gain power by the left, now they are in a nation that doesn’t care about the Western lefts pets.

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