Munich: Michael Stürzenberger Attacked by Turkish Muselmaniac

Winds of Jihad:

During yesterdays rally at Munich’s Rotkreuzplatz  Michael Stürzenberger, the most courageous man in Europe, again involved passers-by in intensive discussions about the many anti-constitutional commands of the Koran. A  Muselmaniac denied  it, as usual, until he was shown the original Arabic Quran from Saudi Arabia. He grabbed it and wanted to run off with it.  Suddenly, another Muslim from the back rushed up fast and hit the national chairman of the BAVARIAN FREEDOM PARTY  in the face with his fist.  Stürzenberger’s glasses shattered into three pieces and flew to the ground. He was bleeding from a cut below the eye. Four police officers pounced on the Turkish Muslim, threw him to the ground and held him there.



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  1. A simple lesson here. Don’t even bother trying to debate with Muslims. They are incredibly childish. Even when you can prove them wrong, they won’t accept it. They are almost beyond hope. Don’t even debate with sane people when Muslims are present, unless the Muslims are safely muzzled.
    The only way to deal with Muslims is with a bullwhip or a long pointy stick.

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