Canadian officialdom’s war on Halloween.

Once again we learn that whenever people talk about respecting diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivness, now we can see pretty clearly what they really mean.

A global monoculture of cultural Marxism and briefly, of Islam.

Anything else will be punishable. Just watch. Notice how officials always have reasons to crush diversity whenever they feel the need, and they feel the need whenever they decide to take on another traditional cultural practice of Canada or the Western world.

I hope many of you go out dressed in a Burka and tell people its actually a Dalek from Dr. Who. As the bard said, “Screw em if they can’t take a joke”

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  1. I hesitate to be critical, and I understand that Richard Klagsbrun has to find some way to get his message across to a TV audience that doesn’t have them immediately tuning him out as a loon. Also that a sense of proportion is helpful, that attacks on Halloween are not the end of Western civ, and that the segment’s tone is intentionally light.

    Even so, to say that Canadian education bureaucrats have lost the war of ideas might be to pedal the message so softly as to leave viewers with the impression that there is really nothing to worry about, that these eccentric old TDSB ninnies can’t do any lasting damage.

    The cultural relativists are losing the battle on Sun News and at Eye on a Crazy Planet, but apparently they are doing well enough at the TDSB, at the universities that indoctrinate these TDSB bureaucrats and in innumerable other Canadian institutions.

    Cultural Marxism and political correctness might be “silly, faddish and anachronistic” (“histrionic” as well, as Klagsbrun says at his blog) but they are also deadly, tenacious and thoroughly a part of our time. Klagsbrun knows that of course, and at the end the interview he underscores the school board’s manipulation of impressionable young minds. Perhaps the light touch is more effective here. But someone else at the network might like to give voice to what an outrage it is that Canadians even need to be talking about the appropriateness of “black and orange day,” or their right to dress up as a Dalek if they feel like it.

  2. Educrats is a great word to describe these Marxist indoctrinated morons. I have met quite a few of these people. They are really, and I mean really stupid. That is why they still fall for Marxism. In a debate with them, they run so fast, all you can see a dust cloud.

    They should be sacked. Finished.

  3. I remember the day back in about 1962 when somebody at school handed out UNICEF boxes to all the kids and told us to take those around when we went out trick-or-treating. That was the first shot fired in the war on Halloween, as far as I can remember. It’s not supposed to be about performing good deeds; Halloween was supposed to be just a little bit evil – that’s the whole idea…

    The thing is, girls don’t like Halloween, and they have been trying to wipe it out for as long as I can remember. Girls don’t like firecrackers and they aren’t particularly attracted to the idea of being out, unprotected or supervised, fending for themselves on a dark October night. Halloween was for boys, and the girls have ganged up and wrecked it. To me, Halloween was second-only to Christmas, but it has been so watered-down and messed with, that they might as well just call it off. Way to go ladies. Maybe we can get you back by cancelling wedding showers, afternoon tea, and beauty nights. Most modern females have been taught that the word “male” is just another way of spelling, “stupid”. Hey, maybe we can find an excuse to ban teenage girls from using cellphones. 🙂

  4. DP111,

    Great read, especially the take on education, but it left me unconvinced that Democracy, Individualism and Nationalism are the Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse of awful modernity. I’ve seen India and I didn’t like it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have liked it 100 years ago. I think the caste system was and is an abomination, and I’m happy to take my chances with the leveling vulgarity of a Canada or an Australia. Seems David Warren is too.

  5. The left is continuing their war on the West one small attack at a time. The more attacks that are successful the more damage to our culture, no one attack is enough to destroy Western Civ, but all of the attacks combined will do massive damage. In knife fighting this is called the death of a thousand cuts, it is designed to weaken the opponent until they are weak enough for you to kill them.

  6. Cris- I loved Halloween! Valentines’ too.

    Playing dress-up was the best. My mum would make-up my face, give me access to “beautiful clothes” (on their way to Goodwill). My dad walked just enough behind me so I could ring doorbells on my own.
    Then it got dangerous. There were “block parties”, no strangers around.
    Then we couldn’t eat our goodies until they’d been checked for razor blades or needles.

  7. don c

    It sometimes difficult to ascertain the thought behind David Warren’s narrative. Sometimes is is illuminated when a commentators asks a question – re: progressive.

    David Warren was brought up in the region that is now Pakistan. His parents were I believe part of the Raj, so he knows that region for a long while.

    I read his blog once week, as he brings a fresh mind, unadulterated by university learning, to a subject.

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