News links for Oct. 23 2013 – 2

1. Tower Hamlets terrorist calls for ‘jihad’ from beyond the grave

A Tower Hamlets-born terrorist “martyr” has been shown inciting Muslims in the borough to “cut the necks of disbelievers” and join a “jihad” (holy war) in Somalia in a video message from beyond the grave.

The man, known only as Talha, appears in a new video released by al-Qaeda linked Somali terror group al–Shabab, which describes him as a “martyr” who died fighting for its cause.

2. The Medieval Anti-Semitic Views Of 150 Million Europeans:  

Recently, a new book, Demonizing Israel and the Jews by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, sent shock waves across Europe by revealing the frightening levels of anti-Semitism and vicious condemnation of Israel taking place in the European Union. Not since 1938 has Europe witnessed such a virulent outbreak of open hatred for the Jewish people.

Jews are leaving Europe in record numbers, and in city after city, where Jewish communities once thrived, people have packed their bags and fled to Israel, Canada or the United States. From Paris to Malmo, old Jewish homes are standing empty, as family after family leaves the land of their birth to escape the memories of 1800 years of persecution and death. […]

3. Black mobs and the coming race war Thomas Sowell


(Thomas Sowell is an excellent author who’s books are a refreshing read and well recommended)

4. The Blonde of Youtube, a woman who makes Youtube videos on the subject of islam and France, some of which Oz-Rita has translated for us here at Vlad, has had her channel deleted by Youtube.  Riposte Laïque has her videos however here, and below, a list of links of the ones we have titled in English.

However what I find interesting is that she recorded herself speaking her mind. So YT would not be able to use the usual canard of a copyright infringement which is how they usually take down a channel. So I guess that Google used some of the new vague censorship laws that allow organizations to remove the voice of people who object to important government policies in a democracy like, oh, immigration for instance on the basis of lack of community cohesion or some such jarring noise. I suppose if you do not agree with what your own government or undemocratic organs like the EU and the UN insist happens to your ancestral homelands culture and people then you are a criminal and your voice has to be buried. If that doesn’t work, well I hope she walks with a buddy.

4a. The Time for talk is over (15,600 views)

4b. On the French Anthem (2,124 views)

4c. Blonde Vs. Osama Bin Laden (2,027 views)

4d. Incomprehensible (6,074 views)

4e. Islam, Conquest and Respect (51,869 views)

4d. Introducing herself (68,865 views)

There are one or two more at that Youtube channel if anyone wants to see them.

5. New Zealander fined $500.00 for trying to defend her own culture and values. I wonder what the Muslim would have been fined had she decided to start Arse lifting in the store or some other classic muslim provocation. Answer of course is nothing. The store would be fined for not having a foot bath.

6. Two Middle Eastern soldiers training in the US arrested for trying to entice a 12 year old girl to have sex. Mohamed Coefficient = 50% (Found at BNI when I was looking for something else)

7. This is what I was looking for at BNI. The woman in red who told some protesting muslims that Islam is filth now has legal problems as a result. Funny but you could say that Republicanism is filth or democrats or any number of group ideologies and not have legal problems. I wonder what makes this one so special? Oh yeah, its filth. Thats what it is.

Thank you EDL Buck, M, Don L, Richard and all who sent in material. Mercifully, it was a slowish news day.

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  1. Algerian troops find huge arms cache on Libyan border

    – Algerian troops have discovered a huge cache of weapons near the border with Libya, including surface-to-air missiles, rockets and landmines, an Algerian security source said on Thursday.

    “It is an arsenal of war,” the source, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

    The source said the weapons found by troops in Illizi province in southern Algeria likely belonged to militants. They included 100 anti-aircraft missiles and hundreds of anti-helicopter rockets, landmines and rocket-propelled grenades.

  2. Given what is happening I don’t think Sowell will die before the race war, in fact I don’t think the wars will hold off many more months much less years, things are getting too tense and the left is pushing too hard.

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