It is now alleged that it was a “muslim Patrol” that attacked an American tourist and cut his face

A few links:

Daily Mail: American student scarred for life after brutal mob attack that was caught on CCTV three days after he arrived in the UK

Wast London Advert: 

Injured man:

Youtube video:

To quote the DM:

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Ben Mott, said: ‘We believe the suspects picked a fight with the victim as he was obviously not from the local area and they took exception to the fact that he was a bit different.

‘The victim has an Italian accent, his own style of dress and mannerisms and, when challenged by the Asian males, answered them back.

I read the above as, the victim was gay, not muslim, and dared challenge the authority of the tard-patrol. I think the facts of this may come out sooner or later, but the fact that it had to be written in code is an extremely bad sign for England and for all of us.


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15 Replies to “It is now alleged that it was a “muslim Patrol” that attacked an American tourist and cut his face”

  1. I am rather shocked that a black American would be attacked, but after watching the video I am not.

    Did he have an open alcohol container?

    At second 50 one of the 5 assailants gestures with his right hand. Did he give the victim the bird?
    If he did the victim should have let it pass unless he was prepared to fight 5 people and been up to it. He looks somewhat fit.Maybe he could hold his own versus 2 or 3 of them but not 5.

    It may be possible to walk alone as a male in that part of London.

    But not with an open container and not telling people off even if they tell you off and get in your face.

  2. If this ever occurs in the Netherlands, i hope people will stand up and shoot them ore beat them really good up!! We have the fullest right to do so, also in England ore anywhere in Europe ore the West, because its our continent. They behave as a hostile entity within our borders. Its time to stand up and hit back very hard!!

  3. This is obviously what the majority of British people want, or they wouldn’t have voted for David Cameron, they would have voted for Nigel Farage. It may not be to our liking, but the British people clearly have a masochistic desire to be mastered by the Arab race, and if that’s what they want, who are we to object? The British authorities have to know about this stuff, and still they do nothing. Maybe it’s a homosexual/sadomasochistic thing. That’s my guess. The Brits want to be dominated by strong, strict, confident, macho, Arab men. It’s their call, I guess…

  4. All the leftists who have fought against strong, strict, confident, macho, Christian men now want strong, strict, confident, macho, Arab men?

    I have come to the conclusion that most people are somewhat insane with many being very insane. Sanity is a matter of degree.

    I do not go to church, but there are reason there were and are arks. By using an ark you are not forcing anyone to do anything. It is more like “I tell you 3 times” and then I am out of there.

    There really is no point in learning psychology, mathematics, engineering, physics, accounting and more and then ignoring whats feasible and fair just because others are not as wise in spending their time and effort.

  5. Francesco Hounye does not seem like a bad guy. I think he drew the wrong lesson like when he says he is afraid to go out alone in London. I base that on my assumption that the same thing would not have happened if he had not had an open container. I assume it was alcohol.

    I am not saying London is safe either.

  6. Chris Jones says, “the British people clearly have a masochistic desire to be mastered by the Arab race”

    The Brits do at times seem to be their own worst enemy in this. Apart from all the indoctrinated dhimmies there is this rather broad class of Englishmen who are too clever by half, condescenders and patronizers with the racism of low expectations. So certain they know their wogs better than anyone else. They have the collective memory of empire after all.

    There is a love of argument for its own sake, of winning the argument and being seen to have won it. The facts of the matter are secondary. So if this sort of Englishman gets off a good one before an English or Anglophile wannabe-Englishmen audience there is pleasure all around. They have seen someone bested. That was the point, not settling the truth of the matter. These Englishmen will destroy their country before they admit they were wrong.

    Then all those closeted homosexuals, horizontal collaborators, BBC kiddie diddlers, perverts and reverts, Arabophiles, arms peddlers, bribe handlers, graduate degree salesmen, etc. etc. God doesn’t help those who won’t help themselves.

  7. Gays have supported the PC model claiming we are equal in Karl Marx’s imagination. Blacks also always want equality so let him enjoy the fruits of their desires- equality with their muslim chums. I really don’t give a shit when liberals get a kick in. The more they do the quicker they may wake up. Maybe this guy wasn’t pro muslim but any support for muzzies leads to violence and death for the west. Deport them all asap. Every last one of them enough talk and bullshit. Enough is enough surely?!

  8. Eeyore said this guy had mannerisms. Yes, maybe. I cannot tell from the video for sure. I posted this story to a gay blog. They talk about the American Family Association, the Olympics in Russia, gay marriage and gay adoption. They also are scared of all the Christianists in London and are going after the Roman Catholic Church. That is all they care about.

    The whole gay population in London could be massacred, but the gays here in North America are so bad that they would not notice or would say “Get back to us after gay marriage is passed in all 50 states.”

  9. This story is actually a mild version of the things that I have documented from east London in the last 10 years.

    2002 – man pushed in front of driverless electric train by a gang of muslims, and pushed back on the track each time he tried to get off, until the train came in and killed him. His crime? He asked if they had a cigarette, and they must have heard his foreign accent.

    2005 – racist muslims kill white student.

    2007 – Only 3 out of the 30 racist muslims who attacked 2 white men with axes and machetes were convicted of attempted murder. One of the white victims in this racist attack has brain damage, following part of his head being smashed in. His crime? Walking in a muslim area.

    2011 – Fractured skull for RE Teacher for, erm, teaching RE.

    Another story I read but failed to copy, was of a gay male model who had his face slashed, just yards from East London Mosque. That must have been about 2008.

    Even muslims in Tower Hamlets admit that the police are in cahoots with the mosques. In return for controlling the area, muslims claim the police protect the mosques and islam from criticism.

  10. Oh yes,

    2008 – 18 yo gay man left paralysed after a vicious attack outside a gay bar, about 1km from East London Mosque. The mosque had been running “spot the fag” training session the previous year. The media did not report that the victim was gay, nor that he was yards away from a gay bar when the attack happened. Again, 1 muslim out of 8 was prosecuted. When he was sentenced the armed gang returned en masse and beat up the customers and staff inside the gay bar. The attack on the gay bar was not reported at all. Not even by the gay media.

  11. When the Muslim Patrol put their videos on YouTube early in 2013, and it was pointed out that they were targetting people who looked gay, the Leftist defenders of muslims laughed at gay people who were outraged by these attacks. The bourgeois Leftists basically claimed that any gay person who thought this was scary or was any kind of attack were pansies. Meanwhile, the government gave Tell Mama £375,000 to report “attacks”, which were most often just comments on Twitter or Facebook.

    What is clear, is that the politically correct have a “hierarchy of oppression”. Muslims and blacks are at the top, gays come much further down, and straight white men are impossible to attack, even if they are pushed in front of a driverless train to kill them, or if they have their heads caved in with machetes.

  12. @ James Lovelace

    I stand corrected. I have been to London in 1997 and 2004. I never got further east than the Tower of London, further south than Waterloo station, further north than Prince Albert Road, or further West than Kennsington Gardens.

    So I do know a lot about London and yet I know so little. North of Marylebone and somewhat east of Kings Cross station is heavily minority. I was walking past and looking a little nervous and black guy said if I kept looking that way he was going to do something about it.

    I might look nervous and am not a great fighter, but I am not real timid. I visited Ford Heights to see where a guy walking alongside the road to get home was set on fire. Ford Heights is where the rust belt really hit hard. I saw 2 or 3 dozen people just hanging around main street outside the police station (which had been disestablished due to lack of tax monies). I wanted to see the place for myself.

  13. Welcome to our future, the left has outlawed guns in Britain and outlawed self defense, now the British people are paying the price, hopefully they won’t succeed in their efforts to turn the US into Britain.

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