Vlad Tepes Blog disproves world’s most convincing UFO evidence.

Earlier today I was thinking about many of the things we deal with here at this website and mostly about England and how it deals with geopolitical problems and its consequences. And I was also thinking about this:

The Rendlesham Forest incident, which I feel is by far the most convincing and compelling UFO evidence that I am aware of, that, if I recall correctly, a British MP actually went to the press with classified documents sometime in the mid 90s because she felt the public had a right to know.

However I believe that I have irrefutable proof that aliens could not have landed in any part of England or for that matter the United Kingdom. Because if they had, they would have a council flat or possibly a 2m£ tax payer funded mansion, a lifetime income, a team of lawyers to make sure that they could not be deported, British people would be going to jail for pointing out on subways that the aliens were eating British children. Alien food would be the only food you could get at British schools and the aliens’ politics and ideologies would be taught as being superior to English ones.

As none of that is happening, we can rest assured with total certainty that no aliens have ever landed in any part of the UK.

Eeyore for Vlad Tepes.


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  1. The term “illegal aliens” would be far too “offensive” if aliens did exist in the UK, and all reference to that term would have been scrubbed from existence. So again we can rest assured that there are no aliens.

  2. Good for a laugh on a dreary Sunday morning. I would like to think that these aliens from outer space would take over the British government and bring some sanity. If they are clever enough to travel through space, they just might be clever enough to suss the warped suicidal mentality of the ruling elite and save humanity from the evil clutches of Islam. Just dreaming!

  3. You forgot that the aliens habit of occasionally killing the indigenous population, and burying their own offspring in the back garden (in an alienest way of course), would be considered just part of their quaint little ways.

  4. Fun time in Egypt!

    Egypt unrest: Bomb hits Ismailiya intelligence HQ (BBC, Oct 19, 2013)
    “A car bomb has exploded outside a military intelligence building in the Egyptian city of Ismailiya, north-east of Cairo.

    The Egyptian army said six soldiers were injured in the blast, which destroyed part of the building’s wall and set fire to several cars.

    A second car bomb was found in the area, but experts managed to defuse it, AFP quoted officials as saying…”

  5. Fun time in Tunisia!

    Tunisia security forces kill nine ‘Islamists’ (BBC, Oct 19, 2013)
    “Tunisian security forces have killed at least? nine suspected Islamist militants who are blamed for a deadly attack on a police patrol, officials say. They say at least three other suspects were arrested in the operation in the Mount Taouyer area, about 70km (44 miles) west of the capital, Tunis. Two policemen died when they were attacked in the area on Thursday….”

  6. Fun time in Thailand!

    Attacks in southern Thailand kill 5, injure 13 (ND/AP, Oct 19, 2013)
    “A spate of bombings and drive-by shootings Saturday in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south left five people dead and 13 injured, police said. The injured included eight soldiers and five journalists.

    In the day’s first attack, a bomb went off on a road in Ra-ngae district in Narathiwat province, injuring six soldiers who were on foot patrol, said police Col. Jiradet Phrasawang. Three of the soldiers were in serious condition.

    The second bomb exploded an hour later about 100 meters (328 feet) from the first blast as a bomb squad and journalists were arriving at the scene, Jiradet said…”

  7. EEyore

    Then who or what are all those “creatures” in black walking about, who look similar to Daleks?

    They are also known to shout “Exterminate, exterminate”.

  8. Come to think of it, these creatures have proliferated all over the world, since around1990, a mere 20 years after we humans ventured out into space. Clearly our rockets revealed our position. Or it could be radio and TV electromagnetic waves that revealed our position. Whatever it was, they are here, and most of them are on Benefits.

    Dr WHO- mankind needs your help.

  9. Votes for Zombies! Mrs Corpsehurst and Mr Cadavere will be holding a meeting in Chipping Norton oct 31 to promote Zombie Rites. They plan to build a Zomsque for ritual sacrifice on the high street.

  10. Prometheus is one of the unrecognized films of our generation.

    It’s really the story of the android. Which the Engineer recognized as the true usurper and trickster. It is a film that relates more closely to Blade Runner than Alien. Synthetic intelligence will eventually make all our struggles moot.

  11. Dan: I haven’t seen it yet whatever it is. But it would make a decent TV comedy sketch. Dunno if it deserves a whole movie. Sort of like, ‘idiocracy’ I guess.

  12. I can disprove your “disprove”. Aliens are intelligent have their own stuff that is better. They took a rectal temp of Britain, found it afflicted with metastasizing Muslims and promptly left to look for life with intelligence elsewhere.

  13. I have often wondered how the future will pan out. I imagine aliens coming to earth in 200 years time and finding it largely dominated by Islam. They realise that they have stumbled upon a colony of necromongers like in Riddick. With only the choice of conversion or death they scarper away in search of an alternative reality based on the enlightenment, but also preferring a hopeful lost existence to one of brainwashed sterility.

  14. ‘They are also known to shout “Exterminate, exterminate.”’

    They say, ‘Assimilate. Assimilate. Resistance is futile.’

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