News links for Oct. 18 2013 – 3

1. Bill Warner fires another volley in one of the most important debates between Western people on the alleged duality of Islam, ‘extremism’ Vs. some moderate version. I have had this debate with friends more than once. Bill Warner does an excellent job of analyzing this issue on a factual and scriptural basis. It is worth the time to read.

2. Ezra Levant continues to defend himself in court against people who would end all our freedom of speech when we try and tell the truth about them.

3. An interesting story that does not contain enough information for any understanding of the events at all because a Muslim was involved. What was he doing to his daughter to cause this action by 3 Toronto teens?

4. How Islamic Doctrines Justify Sex Jihad

5. Paris HS students protest deportation of Roma, but none offer to let them stay at their homes. (I bet if they did, after a week, the protest would gather a different hue.)

6. Family fears for Belgium’s foreign fighters in Syria – reporter

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  1. Looking for the daily farce? Well – here it is…

    Saudi Arabia blasts U.N. Security Council, rejects offer to join (CNN, Oct 18, 2013)
    “The U.N. Security Council is riddled with double standards and has failed the Middle East, Saudi Arabia said Friday as it rejected an offer to join the body.

    The kingdom claims that the council is incapable of keeping the peace internationally, the Saudi foreign ministry said in a statement published by the state news agency SPA.

    “To have the Palestinian cause remaining without a fair and permanent solution for 65 years, which resulted in several wars that threatened international peace and security, is evidence and proof of (the) Security Council’s inability to perform his duties and responsibilities,” the ministry said.

    It also blamed the Security Council for not preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction in the region — especially nuclear weapons, a likely allusion to Saudi Arabia’s adversarial neighbor Iran.

    Lastly, the kingdom brought up the civil war in Syria, blaming the U.N. for not punishing the government after a poison gas attack there killed hundreds of civilians.

    Saudi Arabia supports Syrian rebels and advocates the overthrow of autocratic Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

  2. 1/ It is impossible to have a meaningful debate with someone who won’t address a single one your arguments, and exasperating to try.

    Below is an attempt to trace the barest outline of this discussion between Bill Warner and the rabbi. Warner’s arguments are much richer than sketched here. The rabbi is a misinformed and hence dangerous fool.

    The rabbi accuses Warner of errors of fact, but cannot point to any. Instead, he reframes the accusation, again without reference to a single fact.

    Still not addressing the facts, he accuses Warner of being ignorant or deceptive. He makes a general statement about the nature of the Koran – no facts.

    At last, the rabbi produces a concrete example. Warner demonstrates convincingly that the rabbi’s interpretation of his own example is wrong. The rabbi shifts ground.

    The rabbi’s new ground is to argue from his own exceptional experience and authority, then to draw a moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam, averring that Al-Qaeda does not follow the doctrines of normative Islam.

    Warner challenges the rabbi to substantiate the equivalence, and then argues that Al-Qaeda’s jihad is normative because they are following the example of Mohammed, which is the definition of normative for Islam. Al-Qaeda follow the example, not of Meccan Mohammed, religious Mohammed, but of political Medinan Mohammed, jihadist Mohmammed. That is the confusing dualism of Islam.

    The rabbi peddles the canard about the lesser and the greater jihad, and throws in an accusation of Islamophobia.

    Warner destroys the lesser/greater jihad argument on the basis of irrefutable textual analysis.

    The rabbi says Warner must be a fundamentalist Christian. Warner says he is not.

    The rabbi reprises his argument from authority and accuses Warner of hate-mongering. He says he is an expert in hate, he has studied hate all his life, and that hate like Warner’s ends in death camps for Jews.

    Warner asks the rabbi to comment on a passage of murderous anti-Jewish hate from a canonical sira, a life of Mohammed. The rabbi changes the subject.

    The rabbi is saddened and frightened by Warner’s hatred. Warner invites the rabbi to try to review their discussion objectively. He looks forward to continued exchange.

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