News links for Oct. 14 2013 – 2

1. Obama admin has respected Christian org. declared a hate group. Really. 

2. It can be argued that in fact the Obama Admin is the best in US history. (It all depends on the objectives of course)

3. Gatestone: The British communications regulator and watchdog organization, Ofcom, recently fined an Islamic TV £105,000 ($158,000) for airing a speech that condoned murder as a punishment for blasphemy.

4. Today’s multicultural enrichment: The second-largest hospital in the Southern African country of Swaziland may be operating a black market in human body parts used in magic spells, according to claims made by a reverend and others.

5. A new type of botulinum toxin – the deadliest substance known – has been discovered. Because it does not yet have an antidote, the DNA sequence behind it has been withheld from public databases. This is the first time a sequence has been kept secret over security concerns.

6. Car bomb in Syria near Turkey. Story here

More video of this attack below the divider

Thank you Richard, M, Fjordman, BCF, and all who sent in material or posted it where it could be found.


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  1. Who is the greatest corrupter of all? Allah is… (Well, it says so in the Quran.)

    Votes sell for about $5 in Afghanistan as presidential race begins (ND/Reuters)
    “Sayed Gul walked into a small mud brick room in eastern Afghanistan, a bundle wrapped in a shawl on his back. With a flick, he plonked the package onto a threadbare carpet and hundreds of voter cards spilled out.

    “How many do you want to buy?” he asked with a grin … From each card, Gul said, he made enough money to pay for a hearty meal like kebabs with rice, and maybe even a soda.

    There are months to go until polling day on April 5, but many presidential candidates are already alarmed by the scale of the illicit trade in voter cards and questioning how legitimate the election will be…”

  2. 1. Tax money going to fund wars against Christians now laws directly against them. It is getting close to be as bad as the British attack on Christianity

  3. #1 Obama and the left can’t tolerate any religion that places a deity above the government, they are pretending to accept Islam so the Moslems will help destroy the west.

    #2 I agree he is very good at destroying the US, which I think is his ultimate goal.

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