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3 Replies to “Afterburner w/ Bill Whittle: Non-Essential”

  1. Obviously this is not about all Muslims. But… (Hitler and Stalin were not about all Germans or respectively Russians, Georgians, ect.)

    Tunisia tennis star’s camp slams order to shun Israeli (ND/AFP, Oct 14, 2013)
    “The brother and manager of Tunisian tennis star Malek Jaziri on Monday slammed as “shocking” the political pressure to boycott a match with Israel’s Amir Weintraub from the authorities back home.

    This decision is “shocking, because it brings politics into sport… We are totally against that. And Malek is the first victim, because tennis is his career, his bread-winner,” Amir Jaziri told AFP…”

  2. “Removing the taps from handles on hiking trails so people can’t get a drink.”

    There really is no pettiness too small for this administration.

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