Major UK terror plot foiled.


London Evening Standard:

Major London terror plot’ foiled by police in dramatic armed raids across the capital

Raid: one man was held at his home in Peckham

Published: 14 October 2013

Updated: 16:40, 14 October 2013

Police smashed a suspected Islamist terror plot to attack London after four men were held by heavily-armed officers.

The Met acted on intelligence that the men may have had access to firearms, prompting fears of an attack similar to the Kenyan mall atrocity.

Two men aged 25 were arrested in a “hard stop” in Mansell Street near Tower Bridge last night after officers blew out the tyres of their car with shotgun rounds and rammed the vehicle. One man, aged 29, was held at his home in Peckham after a stake-out by undercover officers.

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Daily Mail:

Four suspected Islamic terrorists held in series of dramatic raids across London amid fears of ‘Kenyan mall-style gun attack’ on British soil

A group of suspected Islamist terrorists are being quizzed by detectives amid fears an attack similar to the Kenyan mall atrocity had been planned on British soil.

Armed police fired special ammunition designed to breach doors or burst tyres at a car during one of a series of dramatic anti-terror raids across London.

Counter-terrorism officers forcibly stopped the vehicle on Mansell Street, near the Tower of London, with so-called Hatton rounds and arrested two men, both aged 25.

A 28-year-old man was also arrested in Westbourne Grove, west London, and a 29-year-old was held in Peckham Street, south-east London, during last night’s MI5-assisted operation.

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Note from Eeyore:

…and these arrests will, for the most part, allow Western complacency to continue. Because if you aren’t actively playing Whack-a-Mole, then its easy to pretend that the game isn’t taking place.

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8 Replies to “Major UK terror plot foiled.”

  1. Some day the west is going to wake up, it is unfortunate that this will probably occur when the only way to win and preserve our freedom is to become as barbaric as the Moslems are.

  2. Richard: For my part I don’t see anything done in actual defense of ones people, culture and autonomy as barbaric.

    Of course I mean defense in a rational way, not as the muslims do, meaning to defend their right to impose islamic law on us all. So no matter what we have to do in the face of Islamic manifest destiny and supremacy, it just isn’t barbaric. There is a moral difference between attack and defense.

    Having said that, ‘what profiteth a man if he gains the world and lose his soul’, to a degree so yes, I would prefer we could win this thing in the kindest way possible. But not if it means sacrificing our own in the process. Let’s watch how it works out for Burmese Buddhists in the 969 and see how they do.

    My money says they clean out the Islamic problem and enjoy another few thousand years of peaceful cultural continuity.

  3. Eeyore I am thinking of the very real possibility that we will end up using terror to fight terror, use atrocities to retaliate for atrocities, while history has proven that this is an effective way to fight it is a stain on the history of the nations that resort to using it.

    I am with you about the Buddhists, they should win the fight and stop the Moslem conquest in their direction.

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